Tipping (propinas)

A 15 percent sales tax, as well as a three percent tourist tax is added to
all hotel bills. Cafés and restaurants include a 10 percent service charge
or tip, so tipping above that amount is optional. The tip is almost always
located on a bill below the food/beverage and just above or below the
tax (impuesto) Employees such as bellhops and taxi drivers are appreciative
of any additional gratuity for excellent service. It is also customary to give
a small tip to the parking attendants who watch your car on the street,
called cuidacarros. Two hundred fifty to three hundred colones or about
$.50 is usually sufficient.

Supermarket box boys should be tipped for carrying groceries to your
car, since they do not receive a salary. If you live nearby, they will even take
your bags to your home. I used to live four blocks from the supermarket at
Plaza Mayor in Rohrmoser and liked to walk to the market. My favorite box
boy delivered our food to our front door for about 75 cents.

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