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Bringing Your Boat or Plane to Costa Rica

Those of you who own yachts and sailboats will be pleased to know that
there are two marinas where you may dock your boats in Costa Rica, and
plans call for a couple more to be built in the future. The country’s marinas
are the Flamingo Marina in the northwest and the Los Sueños Resort in
the Central Pacific.
The latter has 200 slips and is the only marina where you
can keep your boat in the country legally for more than 6 months. Slips rent
for about $13 to $15 per month, per foot. The marina offers membership in
the Los Sueños Yacht Club, a full range of sport-fishing charters, day cruises
as well as other water sports activities.

In the past the longest you could keep a boat in the country without
having to pay taxes on it was six months.
Duties can be as high as 57 percent
of the boat’s real value for brand name boats. This is still the case at the
Flamingo Marina in Guanacaste. Most people get around this by taking the
boat out every six months and then returning. However, you cannot keep
doing this. The Los Sueños Marina is the only licensed marina in the country
and has a special agreement whereby a boat may be kept in the country under
the cover of the marina for up to two years without taking it out of Costa
Rica. I understand that you can then renew your permit for another two
years. This exemption is only for non-commercial boats and does not apply
to those who use their boats for sport fishing.
For additional information
we urge you to call the Los Sueños Marina at 2643-3941/2.

I understand that a new law will be passed soon that will enable owners
of small aircraft to keep their planes in the country like boat owners do at
present. The government figures that anyone who owns a boat or plane will
possibly make sizable investments in the country.

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