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Congratulations to Joern Malek!

After having built 12 large websites that failed miserably in search engine ratings, Joern Malek has finally achieved a modicum of success on his 13th attempt - 1-CostaRicaLink.com (- dash). However, he still has quite a way to go, as anybody doing searches for popular tourist terms will find my site, 1CostaRicaLink.com, listed 20 times in the top 5 of search engine results for every one instance of his appearance there. In short, stay with the winner - the original graphics design and site optimization by Forrest Geiger. My first large site, 1CostaRicaLink.com, was a winner the first time. Unlike Joern, I do not believe in spamming search engine results by building multiple large clone sites. And, the sites I have built for other businesses rate equally high for their targeted keywords. All of the sites that Joern has built for other Costa Rican businesses have failed because he continually violates search engine guidelines with his obsession for cheating.

Who is Impersonating Whom?

In May's newsletter on 1-CostaRicaLink.com (- dash) Joern fancies himself being ripped off by persons or agencies pretending to be 1-CostaRicaLink.com (- dash). Now, why would anybody want to pretend to be him when 1CostaRicaLink.com, my site, has far greater recognition and uses licensed agencies? Instead, I would like Joern to answer for all of us the question posed by this email sent to me a week ago while he was in the Guanacaste area, and I was not:


So, who is impersonating whom? It would have been nice if he would have told this owner who he really was. Maybe Joern could have said, "No, you didn't contact me before, but here is my site," etc.. It should be noted that, unlike Joern, clients willingly write in directly to me, or contact me through my licensed agencies, to be on my site, and I do not have to go out and "sell" the benefits of 1CostaRicaLink.com. (At one time, after Joern falsely sued me and while I was still being processed for residency, I unfortunately had to reject new hotels wanting to be on my site. My application for residency was lengthy as I had applied for the difficult to get Investor Status, and Joern took advantage of that delay that could have created possible problems in conducting business.)
P.S. The hotel that wrote in above is now on my site.

I do not charge Europcar to be on my site...

Therefore, Joern is mistaking that somehow a representative of Europcar turned down "my contract." However, Europcar will confirm that through one of my licensed agencies that I represent, that they regularly receive over 100 car rentals per month! That, in addition to what comes from my site. Europcar is on my site because they pay commissions per rental, not because they pay me a yearly flat fee. So, what is Joern talking about? Do people really take his exaggerations seriously? My licensed agencies and my site bring companies like Europcar more business in one month than Joern Malek and all his failed websites could bring them in 5 years. His new position in Google for "costa rica rent a cars" does not mention that I am now in position #3, having been in the first and second position for a very long time while he was invisible. Nor does he mention that I show up for many other competitive keyword combinations for renting a car in Costa Rica, while he does not. In other words, I still have 10 times more exposure than he does. Does he think that hotel owners and car rental agencies aren't smart enough to see this, to determine for themselves who is stronger, and now, to see who is more honest? And, speaking of honesty and good business practices, would you rather deal with my two licensed and regulated agencies, or have your clients or yourself deal with problems like this?

The 100 Ton Elephant...!

A Professional Observation: I have been watching over the last almost two years the construction of the latest Joern Malek "Portal", the biggest, the bestest, the completest, the most wonderfullest, the yada yada yada, etc., etc., etc. site about Costa Rica, his 1-CostaRicaLink.com (- dash). It will be interesting to see what happens in the future regarding his search engine ratings. If you are considering advertising on his site, this "technical" observation should be taken into consideration:
Joern has built a 100 ton elephant for the purposes of spamming search engine results. His tens of thousands of pages of only one picture on each page has been done not so much to show beautiful Costa Rica, and in fact, many show the hotel or attraction in an unflattering way, or are even out of focus. No, this has been done in an attempt to "game" and improve search engine results, mostly Google's.
You see, Google gives a "Page Rank" credit for every single page of a site. So, therefore, the larger a site, the more power it will have...normally. The problem I see is that as Google continually adjusts it algorithm to compensate for this type of gaming and other types of spamming that Joern is engaged in, this 100 ton elephant is walking on the edge of a cliff! On one hand, it may step onto me and other tourism website competition and crush us all. On the other hand, the elephant may stagger in its unstable stupor and be pushed over the cliff by the strong, shifting winds of Google's alogrithm, designed to catch the type of gaming that he is using.

This walking on the edge produces wildly shifting search engine results as we have all witnessed with his latest monster site. The last "falling off the cliff" was in December, and he disappeared from all Google ratings for four months. Now, in some limited areas, he's back. It will be interesting to see how long this lasts.... For me, I will keep building my site in an honest fashion, and through all the shifting sands of Google's algorithm since my site's beginning, 1CostaRicaLink.com under my guidance has remained stable for all its important tourist ratings. Stay with the winner - The Original 1CostaRicaLink.com.

Misleading innuendoes about other cases...

On a closing note, Joern needs to stop using anonymous case numbers of so-called disgruntled people that have filed lawsuits against me. As explained before, these are Joern's friends and associates who have filed harassment suits. If he cares to make them un-anonymous, then I will be in a legal position to be more descriptive. For instance, one has a criminal conviction for drug dealing in the US. Another case # that he lists has already been to court and decided, and I was cleared of any charges, and the other party was ordered to pay restitution to me. The others are also harassment suits and they are currently looking for a way out now to avoid having to go to court and being exposed for what they did. If Joern cares to put names to the cases, then I will fill in more blanks. If not, then please accept my explanation that these cases were for harassment purposes by his friends and acquaintences. I would suggest to Joern that before he put up their names that he get their permission, as they may not want embarrassing facts about their cases and background made public while defending myself. Joern is trying desperatley to portray me in a bad light using innuendoes and falsehoods. This would not be possible if the names were revealed and the true nature of the cases were known, so he does not mention that. Now, I ask you, "Is this the type of person that you would want to do business with?"


Forrest Geiger
Owner / Webmaster

"Jagger" Adjustments

Once again, Joern Malek's anti-Google guidelines search engine optimization techniques have caught up with him. The current downgrading of 1DASHcostaricalink across many tourist related keyword sets started with the beginning of the last Google algorithm change on September 22. This algorithm adjustment continued throughout the following approximate 6 weeks, and has become known as updates Jagger 1, Jagger 2 and Jagger 3. The last phase ended about 1 week ago. Joern's last remaining site attempt, 1DASHcostaricalink.com, was again severely downgraded, as predicted in my response in May of 2005 to his newsletter defamation, where I wrote about his 100 ton elephant and predicted what would happen.

In fact, every single prediction that I have ever made regarding 1DASHcostaricalink.com and all his other web sites have come true. To illustrate this, let's look at his other, now dead and / or severely crippled sites, which he took with him when our partnership ended:

www.1link2costarica.com 1 page left, no search engine presence
www.1link2hotels.com 1 page left, no search engine presence
www.1link2yellowpages.com Not active, directs to 1DASHcostaricalink
www.flamingo-link.com 1 page left, no search engine presence
www.1link2alajuela.com dead, expired domain name
www.1link2cartago.com dead, expired domain
www.1link2guanacaste.com dead, expired domain
www.1link2heredia.com dead, expired domain
www.1link2limon.com dead, expired domain
www.1link2puntarenas.com dead, expired domain
www.1link2sanjose.com dead, expired domain
www.1link2postcards.com still active, no search engine presence
www.1link2websites.com still active, no search engine presence

On the other hand, the original 1CostaRicaLink.com, this site, under my care and management has regained its strength since our partnership split, when I resumed control, and is now stronger than ever. In short: Stay with the winner, www.1CostaRicaLink.com, owned and managed by Forrest Geiger.

Because of the many untrue and slanderous statements made by Mr. Malek on his website, and in other public internet pages, I was forced to file a defamation lawsuit against him and Flamingolink SA a few months ago. Because of this, he has removed most of the defamatory material from his 1DASHcostaricalink web site, and other websites under his control. Hopefully, he will soon remove everything. In the meantime, my only comment to Mr. Malek, if he wants to succeed in the internet business, would be to go here, read, and heed:

In closing, it is unfortunate, but from what I see, the search results for 1DASHcostaricalink will continue to deteriorate and get worse, before they get better, if they ever do. There are just too many ways in which he is currently trying to "game" or trick Google, and I feel that there are more Google penalities looming on the horizon.   Advertiser: Beware.



12 April 2010 - Forrest Found Innocent of False Claims Made by Malek

AM Costa Rica Online Newspaper Article - Clarification from Forrest

Click here for a more complete explanation of my unfortunate association with Mr. Malek

Travel Warnings Against 1DASHcostaricalink.com on WeLoveCostaRica.com

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