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Right now, in the history of world-wide real estate investing, there is no place on earth, much more exciting than the Costa Rican market. There are undoubtedly reasons for this, none the least of which would be the peace oriented, democratic government that Costa Rica is known for, and its Pulitzer Peace Prize President, Oscar Arias. The climate of both beauty and a welcome acceptance for foreign investors, certainly has opened the door to many more interested parties than ever before.

There are quite a few options that are available to all of the different types of investments to be made in this diverse country. The geography offers everyone a landscape that could be of interest to them. At the present time, there are many small and large scale land developments available. Raw land parcels, from as small as a quarter acre (the average residential lot size) up to thousands of hectares (about 2.5 acres per hectare) are available. Most of these developments are geared toward the individual investor that is looking for their piece of paradise. These buyers may be speculating and looking to sell down the road, or really desiring to build their own dream home, even if it would be a rental and used only once or twice a year by the owner. Eventually, what was originally a property investment may become a retirement home for many of these people.

Most of the large land opportunities are being presented in the beach communities, most with gorgeous ocean views, some include oceanfront parcels, and golf courses. Of course, these larger parcels are for very serious real estate developers / investors, not "mom and pop" type of speculators. There are also developments cropping up in the mountainous regions, around the Volcan Arenal area. These are more geared to people who want a cooler climate and a rural, woodsy setting. However, there are land opportunities in every part of Costa Rica, no matter where the individual investor cares to speculate.

The other types of investments range from land opportunities, that involve a package deal to develop and construct a residence, to already finished condominium projects, that are furnished right down to the linens and kitchen pots and pans. If you are looking for a piece of land, in a gate guarded development, with a variety of model homes to choose from, they are here…at both the beach, countryside and in the city. Condo projects are also available, however they tend to be a bit more specific. The condos are generally available in (sometimes) 1 bedroom, 2 and 3 bedroom models. They are generally preset designs with finish options that create a price difference, depending on how luxurious you want your condo to be appointed. The price range, depending on location and amenities can be anywhere between the $100,000 (sometimes less) all the way into the million dollar range. Generally, speaking the higher priced condos are found in the popular beach areas, or city areas like upscale Escazu, and are dictated by the views and the size of the condo. Usually, the penthouses are the most expensive and are the most glamorous, sometimes finished with their own private pools, overlooking the beach or city below.

Whatever type of property you are interested in, it is available here. You can always find your own piece of paradise in Costa Rica and have whatever your dream of heaven is in your own mind, be it at the beach or mountains, and built to your personal specifications. The possibilities are as endless as the investment potential in this rapidly growing, peaceful, tropical paradise!

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