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Finding the Right Beach Property Investment

One of the main attractions for anyone who visits Costa Rica are the beaches. It is no wonder that the coastal areas of this tiny country have become the most valuable, in terms of investment opportunity. No matter what your looking for, a vacation home, primary residence, beach lot, or a much larger type of development site, the beach seems to be the place to put your money.

First, a prospective buyer / investor must determine which coast that they would like to find their tropical paradise to live or invest. Both sides, the Pacific and the Atlantic, or Caribbean, are surprisingly different in the culture that they posses, and the types of people that they attract, and the investments that are available. The Caribbean is a little more laid back, having fewer beaches that are accessible by car or plane. There is only one main town, the Port City of Limon, which is not what one would call a beach town, even though it is the largest cargo and cruise ship port in Costa Rica. From there you would travel down the coast, going south toward the Panamanian border. Cahuita is the first small town, then on to Puerto Viejo and the smaller villages that make up the southern Caribbean coastal landscape and beach property.

So far, the above mentioned beach towns have lagged in development. I do not think that it has much to do with the beauty or weather, as much as the cultural mix, and difficulty in getting there. The atmosphere has much more of the flavor of the Caribbean Islands, Atlantic or East Coast traditions. This area has not been exploited as much as the Pacific side, which is more attractive to the North American visitors who come here for the always sunny beaches. So far the ambiance and real estate prices of the Caribbean have not escalated toward the higher end property investor. But, if this kind of a beach community is more in keeping with your idea of paradise, then do not miss the opportunity to visit these beaches and find your dream investment, or place to live, in Costa Rica.

Traversing the central valley, heading west, toward the Pacific Coast, the first thing most investors and potential expatriates notice is the International Airport in Liberia. Since this airport opened, property in the Pacific Coast has boomed. This airport has allowed visitors to fly into Liberia, which is no more than an hour drive from most of the northern Pacific beach areas in the province of Guanacaste. This is without a doubt the fastest growing region of Costa Rica. There is no other coastal region (or any geographic region) that is growing faster. The beach communities of the Guanacaste Coast are definitely the most popular Real Estate investment in Costa Rica. The prices are also supporting this statement. If you have not bought land, a condo or found your dream home, you may already be too late, as the property prices in the "Gold Coast" are going up on a daily basis. The beach communities of Playas Panama, Hermosa, CoCo, Ocotal, Portrero, Flamingo, Brasilito, Conchal, Grande, Tamarindo, Langosta and Junquillal are all booming and they welcome the attention that they are receiving from investors and vacationers, worldwide.

The real estate explosion doesn't stop there, although the following beaches are not as easily reached by the airport in Liberia, their charm and attention, has not been diminished. The beach areas to the south of the Guanacaste region, Playas Nosara, Samara, Carrillo and Punta Islita are available, easily, by air. The local carrier, Sansa (a subsidiary or Taca) flies direct (out of San Jose) into both Nosara Beach and Punta Islita daily. So, depending on your lifestyle, these beach communities, maybe what you are looking for, if the central Pacific coast is your target.

Further down the coast, accessible by both air, land and ferry is the southern Nicoya Peninsula. The beach towns of Playa Tambor, Montezuma and Mal Pais, although more difficult to access, are still recognized for their charm and seclusion, due to their remoteness. Mal Pais, in particular, has been discovered by celebrities and socialites, looking for a clandestine vacation and has some of the best, small hotels and restaurants, in the country. The real estate in these areas has not escaped notice and the prices over the past 5 years have more than tripled in value. There is still opportunities for an entrepreneur to make land investments that will pay off, as this area grows in population.

Last, but not least is the Pacific coast, inland from the Bay of Nicoya, which contains some of the most popular and beautiful beach properties in all of Costa Rica. It is the region that is the most famous for being close to San Jose the major metropolitan city and home of the original International airport. These beach communities have been developed for years, but now are experiencing a resurgence of interest, still based on the fact that they are easily accessible by car and have had an investment and tourist based community for a long time. Playa Jaco is probably the closest beach to San Jose and as a result, has experienced the most growth. Condos seem to be the most popular investment and there is no shortage of styles, locations and prices.

Playa Hermosa, right next door is really growing fast. Until just a few years ago, it was a sleepy little surfing village, but now it is probably one of the most desirable destinations on the southern Pacific Coast. Both Jaco and Hermosa have benefited from the large marina that was built a few years go in collaboration with the Los Suenos Marriott and their real estate development, which includes a golf course, luxury villas, and several condominium projects. These are now all showcases for what the higher end buyer is looking for when considering an investment in Costa Rica's beach communities.

There are several beaches that are growing rapidly, as you move toward the extreme southern Pacific region. Playa Esterillos, Palo Seco, Quepos and finally the crown jewel on the coast of this country, Manuel Antonio, with its national park and wildlife refuge. These areas are very highly developed and are now the gateway to the Osa Peninsula. There are large multi-acre developments being etched out of the hillsides along the coast from Quepos / Manuel Antonio, down to Dominical. These projects are designed for larger land investments and often they are equestrian oriented.

Once you arrive in Dominical the highway is beautiful and as a result the beach towns along this road are fast becoming popular with the investment crowd. From Dominical, you encounter Playa Uvita, Ojochal, Playa Ballena onto Puerto Cortez. This beach area is booming with small shopping centers, great restaurants and hotels, just to mention a few of the amenities that are entering the marketplace. All of these additions are creating a price increase in land value. All in all, it would be difficult not to conclude that the beaches of Costa Rica are definitely the most popular destination for a real estate investment in this country. For most visitors, beach property is where it's at!   What are you waiting for?! If you start looking for the perfect beachfront real estate in Costa Rica right now, you will be one step closer to making your dream a reality. And, http://tropisphere.com - Costa Rica real estate specialists for Montezuma, Santa Teresa, Malpais, and related towns in Puntarenas province. The Southern Nicoya Peninsula is Tropisphere's focus, with many beachfront and ocean view houses, plus a large section of vacation rental properties.

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