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Lake Arenal……
The new Casino & Golf Mecca and Residential Boomtown?

Is it possible that what has been, up until now, a major tourist attraction, Volcan Arenal and the surrounding mountain and lake areas, could be turning into a major tourist destination, but for other attractions?

We have been hearing a certain buzz around some knowledgable Real Estate circles, that the Lake View properties, that offer fabulous Lake and Volcano views, are being snapped up by savvy investors. The reason for this quiet land rush seems to be that the conventional wisdom sees lots of development in the future. First, it seems that these large parcels of land, that are still, extremely well priced, are being looked at very seriously by professional golf course designers. The area, which is pristine in its beauty, has lots of rain year around, seems to be the ideal location (only 2 hours from San Jose and a short plane ride on the local, domestic airlines) and temperature, for golf aficionados.

As a result of these golf industry entrepreneurs interest, other hotel investors and designers are thinking of ways that would attract as many tourists as possible. One of those ways is to design a complete resort which encompasses, an 18 hole professionally designed golf course, casino, luxury hotel, condo sales and rentals and even estate sized parcels of land, which could be purchased to have a luxury villa or estate home built to the owner specifications.

This has been more than a rumor for the past year and as a result of this activity, property prices have been looking skyward for the most desirable views of the lake. It is no surprise to us, due to the fact that most of the golfing in Costa Rica, does take place in the Central Valley, where temperatures are moderate, all year around. Many golf courses are being built in conjunction to large developments going in around the beaches, particularly the rapidly growing Guanacaste area. This is sometimes bewildering to golf enthusiasts, because it is very warm and humid, at sea level, even very early in the morning. This often limits the use of the golf course to morning hours only. If the golf course craze takes off in the Arenal area, golf will once again be the sport of choice for visitors to Costa Rica.
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