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The foot of Pelado Peak lies 5 kms from Cañas. the Hot Water Springs are a tourist attraction.

Cerro Pelado or Bald Peak rises 600 meters above sea level, 10 kms southeast of the City of Cañas. It is a volcanic relic that emerged during the Tertiary Era in a phase before the formation of the volcanic Guanacaste Mountain Range, which dates from the Quaternary Era.

The outlying areas around Pelado Peak can be reached by road via Cañas-Jabilla Abajo-San Juan. The journey affords views of contrasting scenery of hills and plains parched by the dry season with a sprinkling of flowers on the madero negro, stinking toe, yellow cortez, mayflower, raintree, tempisque, espave, shoemaker's tree, possum-wood, lemon wood and crown fig.

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The Pelado Peak
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