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The Headquarters are located 6,5 kms. from San Isidrio de El General on the road to Quebradas.

Las Quebradas Biological Centre was built in the upper basin of the ravine of the same name in an effort to conserve the valuable flora and fauna in El General Valley and to protect the sources of drinking water of the aqueduct in the city of San Isidro.

The Foundation for the Development of Las Quebradas Biological Centre is trying to purchase more than 2,400 altered hectares of very rugged terrain that has 3,500 mm of rainfall a year and is shrouded in thick cloud and curtain of rain. Thousands of insects- the most attractive being butterflies- as well as numerous birds, reptiles and mammals find refuge in this region. The resplendent Quetzal together with racoons, sloths and the gaudy painted frog, can be seen in this area.

The forest, which is greatly influenced by storey height and climate, is very damp with great wealth of orchids, ferns, bromeliads, vines and mosses.

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