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More Misrepresentations & Untruthful
Statements by Joern Malek...Ho, Hum...

Unfortunately, When Joern lied to the Prosecutor to induce her to file false criminal charges against me in November of 2003, since I was a foreigner and had legal residence status in the US, he also asserted that I would certainly flee the country to avoid these horrible charges. He asked her to restrict my passport, and the court, without even giving me a hearing first, did so!  Since then, I have not been able to visit my family and relatives in the United States.  I appealed to the court to release the restriction last December so that I could do so.

Months before the hearing date, I was granted the rare and not so common status as Investor Residency.  Joern knew that I was going through this difficult application process long before our partnership split, in which I had to prove substantial assets, and undergo a thorough background check. Clearly, someone fighting to stay in the country by the most difficult application process possible is not thinking of leaving permanently. However, judges rulings tend to be on the cautious side, because if the accused foreigner does not return, it puts them in a bad light They denied my application, and once again, I could not see my family.

Joern is now printing this misleading ruling to slander me once again. However, It should be noted, that the judges clearly stated that, "the preventative measures as such do not stem from a declared verdict of responsibility or fault but stems from the related principal of proportion and not one of innocence or vice versa." The judges go on to quote an initial police report that" supposes that the accused Forrest Geiger" 'by means of deceit'", (Joern's misleading translation  uses the word "fraud,") more or less took advantage of Mr. Malek until I finished my "laboral relationship."  However,  I was a PARTNER.   "Information fraud" the charge, cannot exist  between partners.  Joern knows this and that is why he so illogically keeps insisting that I was an employee or consultant.  The judges, on the other hand, are not assessing guilt or innocence, but only flight risk based upon the seriousness of the charges.   I also do not have,  after almost 17 months, my confiscated computer back so I can not even prepare my evidence for the Prosecutor!  Clearly, Joern's misleading inclusion of normally private court processes in the public forum of his website is meant to defame and discredit me, and generate distrust in the public's eyes of the two licensed and reputable travel agencies who fulfill my reservation requests.

Facts are not too important to Joern
...False information is just fine!

Unfortunately, it apparently is not too important to Joern if real facts get in the way of his unethical forward motion.  Recently, he put up a presentation of the new White House Hotel as his January Hotel of the Month.  Since it was under new ownership, had been closed for about 8 months, and had gone through extensive remodeling, and the rates had changed, you would think that he would have  taken a short drive, taxi, or bus ride up there to talk to the new owner, contract to represent his fine establishment, taken new pictures, and write new text.  No, deceptively, Joern puts up the old Tara information and pictures with the new White House logo and presents that as his Hotel of the Month for January!  Management was not amused to see the old pictures of their newly decorated rooms, etc ..  Nor, do they appreciate the old, giveaway priced room rates, that he did not update.   I guess he put up this old material because  I had prominently featured the White House on my home page earlier as a new, premier Escazu accommodation, which it absolutely deserves, complete with professional pictures supplied by the owner and management. At the request of White House management, he has since removed that embarassing display from his website.

Nor, is "
The Cur˙ National Wildlife Refuge   ...a perfect stop on the way to the beaches of Jacˇ and Herradura."  as he states in his February, 2005 Newsletter where it is the "Park of the Month."  Car˙ is on the Nicoya Peninsula, near Tambor, across the Gulf of Nicoya, and not on the way to the mainland beaches of Jacˇ and Herradura! It would be about a 5 hour drive, including a ferry ride to Puntarenas, to get to Cur˙ from Jacˇ.   Does Joern really even visit all these places he talks so authoritatively  about??? Or, if not, he should at least research them better. (He has since corrected this.)

I could put up on my web pages the 45 or so 1 Costa Rica Link Profit and Loss Statements that Angela and Joern presented to me, paid me profits and charged me loses after all employees and expenses were paid, but I don't want to sully up my site with this matter any more than I have to.  This information and more, as well as emails written to me by Joern and Angela describing our partnership will become available for legal verification when I get my computer back.  

In the meantime, my attorney is completing filing charges of Slander and Defamation against Joern and Angela for unlawfully calling me a "criminal webmaster" on hundreds of pages of their now failed websites, as well as on numerous public webmaster forums, etc..  This information has already been printed out and notarized, so it doesn't matter that he now has recently removed most of it.   However, other public proof of my partnership can be seen on Click here to see Joern calling me a "parter", as he misspelled it, in an achieved page the neither he or I can change, and for all the world to see. This page, was archived on May 28, 2001 at 3:27PM and 55 seconds. Joern wrote this page and writes about me, stating, "Forrest, our webmaster and parter, writing clean, fast loading HTML coding, and working with graphics to make it all happen for our clients and ourselves. His grasp of search engine technology has ranked many of his clients in the top ten for selected interests and keywords." Joern's misspelling was changed months later.  For a Spanish version, where Joern called me a "socio" click here.   His references to me as a "partner" continued in the records until June 13, 2003.  It was during this time that we had been talking about a buyout, and dissolving the partnership because of our differences. Joern said he would buy me out.   Because he was going to buy me out, I let him make all changes to the pages during negotiations, and therefore, this new, June 21, 2003 page referencing our PARTERSHIP was created by HIM. 

Periodic backup copies were made by me of the entire site, with later copies given to me by Joern on CD's.  This evidence will be able to be presented in an official manner when my computer and CD's are returned to me by the Prosecutor in Cobano. Then, I can locate and make a list of all the files and records and present it to the OIJ investigators to verify what I have been saying all along - WE WERE PARTNERS!   Until then, unfortunately, Joern continues with his malicious, slander and defamation!


Forrest Geiger

Legal Owner / Webmaster (Cedula Juridica 3-101-394352)

NOTE: A quick response to Joern's latest attacks in his March Newsletter:

The other harrassment suits against me were filed by his friends. One has already lost his case against me, and was ordered by the judge to pay me court costs!

Joern's statistics are exagerated and distorted. An independent source, like , tells another story. There, you will see the popularity of my site of 5,000 pages is almost three times that of his, (if you trust his page count), 30,000 page webiste! That means that my almost 300% more visitors are concentrated into fewer pages, where you, the advertiser, have a better chance of being seen. Stay with the winner; go with the original, Forrest Geiger's


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