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Bachelor Parties

Costa Rica Bachelor Parties

Costa Rica Bachelor Parties - a great alternative to New York, Miami, Florida, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, California
There is nothing like the nightlife in Costa Rica, and the variety of adventure tours - canopy rides, sportfishing, motorcycle riding, white water rafting, ATV rides, casinos and more! We put Vegas to shame! Make your bachelor party the best ever in tropical Costa Rica!

Costa Rica Casinos

Costa Rica has a variety of nightlife activities and a great number of Casinos around the country from which to choose. Try your luck at our legal gambling. Step up to the slots or card tables and play caribbean stud poker, mini bacarat, blackjack, canasta roulette, craps, rows of slot machines and video machines. Casinos are all over Costa Rica, in San Jose and resorts throughout the country. Select a destination below, and Good Luck!

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Casino Club Colonial,, C. 9 - 11, Av.1, Tel. 258-2807
Casino Hotel C.R. Morazán, C. 7, A. 1 - 3, San José. Tel. 222-4622
Casino Hotel Royal Dutch, C. 4, A. 2, San José. Tel. 222-1414
Casino Hotel Aurola Holdiay Inn, San José, Tel. 233-9490
Casino Hotel Parador, Manuel Antonio, Tel. 777-1414
Casino Flamingo Beach Resort, Flamingo Beach, Tel. 654-4011
Casino Central, Calle 7 y 9, Avenida Central, San José, Tel. 221-4994
Casino La Condesa, San Rafael de Heredia, Tel. 267-6290
Casino San José Palacio, La Uruca, San José, Tel. 220-1310
Casino Concorde, Hotel Best Western, San José, Tel. 232-7910
Casino Europa, Raddisson Hotel, San José, Tel. 256-4949
Casino Club Dominio, Hotel Irazú, San José, Tel. 232-7910
The Jungle Casino, Calle 7 y 9, Avenida Central, San José, 221-4994
Casino Hotel Los Suenos Mariott, Playa Herradura, 298-0000
Casino Gran Hotel Costa Rica, Calle 3, Avenida Central y 2, San José, Tel, 221-4000
Casino Flamingo Bay Resort, Playa Flamingo, 654-4350
Casino Meliá Confort, Sabana Norte, San José, 232-8122
Casino Cariari, Autopista General Cañas, Tel. 293-3033
Casino la Condesa, San Rafael de Heredia, Tel. 267-6000
Casino Hotel del Rey, Calle 9, Avenida 1, San José, Tel. 257-7800
Casino Camino Real, Intercontinental, Escazú, 289-7000
Casino Divisamar, Manuel Antonio, Tel. 777-0371
Casino Hotel Cocal, Playa Jacó, Tel. 643-3067

Costa Rica Nightlife / Nightclubs / Entertainment

Night clubs and places to dance in San Jose by "Travel Guide to Costa Rica".

Spacific clubs below:

Disco / Salsa

"Okey", Avenida 6 between Calle 4 and 6, San José
"Salsa 54" Avenida 1 and 3, Calle 3 , San José
"Risa's" Avenida Central and 1, Calle 1


"Cabeza Grande" Paseo Colon, Calle 26 and 28, Home Brew Tel. 256-6589
"K & S" At front of Crystal Mall, Zapote, live music. Large Brew Pub
"Beatle Bar" 25 mts. south of Hotel del Rey, San Jose
"All Star" Costa Rica's largest Sports Bar, Across Mall San Pedro, Tel. 225-0838

Singles Bars

"Key Largo" 3 Bars, Dance floor, Girls, San Jose
"Happy Days" 2 Bars, Girls, San Jose
"Blue Marlin" Bar, 2 TV's, Girls, Calle 9 and 11, Avenida 1, San Jose
"Idem" Bar, 2 TV's, Girls, Activities, Calle 11, Avenida 8 and 10, San Jose
"Tarzan La Casita" Bar, Chinese Restaurant, Girls, Activities, Calle 11, Avenida 6 and 8, San Jose
"Miss Caribe" Bar, 3 TV, Girls, Activities, Avenida 8 and 10, San Jose
"Vips" Bar, Girls, Activities, Avenida 11, San Jose
"Pension Anita Jet Set" Bar, Girls, Activities, Calle 1 and 3 Avenida 11, San Jose
"Vips Molino Rojo" Bar, Girls, Calle 2, San Jose
"Club 40's Pension" Bar, Girls, Activities, Calle Central and Avenida 1, San Jose
"Krysis Health Club" No Bar, Girls, Activities, Calle Central y 2 Avenida 7, San Jose
"Bar Tonny's" Bar, Girls, Activities, Calle 2 and Avenida 9, San Jose
"La Bella Mansion" Girls, Activities, Calle 1 and 3 Avenida 11, San Jose
"Camelot Bar" Bar, Girls, Gym, Massage, Activities, Calle 3 and 5 Avenida 4, San Jose
"Las Margaritas II"Girls, Activities, Calle Central, San Jose

Night Clubs

Club Puro Platino, Calle 10 y 12 Avenida 3, San José, Tel. 256-9989
Club Star 2 Público, Calle 14, Ave. Central, San José, Tel. 233-1877
Hollywood Night Club, Sabana Sur, San José, Tel. 232-8932
Night Club Flamingo, Calle 2 Avenida 4 y 6, San José, Tel. 223-4767