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Costa Rica’s weather is...well, perfect! Unless you have a particular affection for snow, Costa Rica offers such a broad diversity in climate that few that choose to retire here could be disappointed. If you choose to live in or around the Central Valley (San Jose, the capital, and outward for an hour or more in any direction), think “Perpetual Spring."

“Soup to nuts” would be a good way to describe Costa Rican Weather. Very simple, two seasons: Dry and Rainy – 6 months each. Dry means weekly scattered showers; Rainy means a downpour every afternoon for two to three hours, wherever you might be. Bottom Line - Mean Low and High: 60F/80F, give or take, year around. Perfect for living, working or retiring in a tropical paradise.

Terrain, altitude, flora and proximity to the Carribbean or Pacific spells "micro-climates". You can sample the best seasons of California, Florida, North Carolina, Indiana, Arizona or the Amazon within two hours in any direction. The difference is, even within the regional weather “extremes,” it will change at least twice within 24 hours, and evenings always find some kind of pleasant “normal".

Within two-to-three hours of San Jose, you can travel North, East, South or West, landing near or on a Pacific or Caribbean Beach, enjoying all the “beachy / balmy” attributes of either a gentle, lapping shoreline, or one highlighted by pounding waves against rocky outcroppings. Many newcomers retire to live on the beach to fulfill a lifelong dream.

In the mountains, cool and lower warm ones, the flat plains, jungle, rain, cloud or transitional forests, you’ll experience all the “weather” temperature and moisture fluctuations associated with each locale. The further you travel from the Central Valley, the more change you will encounter. This variance occurs naturally, as the physical geography, topography, flora and fauna change around you.

Easter in Cartago, one hour NE of San Jose, means a warm sunny afternoon in the rugged hillside, and hot buttered rum by a roaring fire and three wool blankets on your bed that evening. By the way, there are a couple of visible volcanoes in the backdrop!

Two hours from San Jose could also mean working on a perfect tan at the beach, luxuriously toasty and humid during the day (that includes both Pacific and Caribbean water temperature), then welcome the onset of a soothing sea-breeze and evening reprieve as the temperature goes from hot to pleasantly warm, but not quite sticky. Fan desirable, Air conditioning optional.

WHY, WHY, WHY should I like the climate?
Costa Rican weather is having the best of all worlds. When you live here, you can go from the Tropics to a mild Christmas, in 2-3 hours, and you don’t have to wait for a change of season!

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