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If you’re looking for the perfect retirement location, why not Costa Rica? Costa Rica, bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west, the Caribbean on the east, Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south, it is a prime location in the heart of Latin America. Who could pass up moving to a country filled with numerous geographical contrasts, accented by a people rich in culture, tradition and a genuine love for both nature and life.

Upon moving to Costa Rica you will quickly learn the meaning of “Pura Vida.” This is how many of the local people greet each other, or express their pleasure of life in this wonderful country. It is a “pure life” indeed.

Retirees, soon find themselves in a sun drenched land enriched by nature. Imagine living in a tropical climate bordered by two coastlines of beaches, rain and cloud forests, mountains. There is an undeniable charm and warmth to the people, that is met by retirees and tourists alike, with a certain amount of unexpected surprise. This endearing feature, that seems inbred in all Costa Ricans, remains one of the undying qualities that makes this country irresistible and makes people chose it as a retirement haven.

These components are then blended with an abundance of water. Water everywhere…clouds, mist, rain, streams, rivers and waterfalls and lakes – resting between both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. What an incredible setting to live, work, play, relax and retire in. There is no shortage of options, from which to choose…you can live at the beach, on a lake, near a river, in the cloud forest, the opportunities are endless. You can own property with rivers and waterfalls, everywhere. There is nothing missing, nothing is left for the imagination to desire.

RELOCATION RECIPE …with life and nature!
Costa Rica is a truly remarkable place to live and interact, where scenic choices are readily available. Nature cooperates by joining together natural beauty and bio-diversity in one of the most attactive locations on the planet. This abundance, in turn, hosts almost unparalleled microclimates of fauna and flora.

Who could resist retiring to an environment boasting an average high and low temperature of 80/60 Fahrenheit, where you can be surfing, fishing, swimming and relaxing on a beach, all year long. Do not forget when you live Costa Rica and are moving about the country, you will need to pack a sweater with your shorts and bathing suit, because, depending on where you are, in the country, the climate will dictate your wardrobe.

Costa Rica occupies a territory of about 20,000 sq. miles. Relocation options abound in the six distinctive regions, – The Northern Plains, Central Valley and Caribbean, along with the north, middle and south Pacific coastal regions. It represents only .03% of the earth’s surface, but 6% of the entire planet’s biodiversity. 25% of the country is under ecological protection through national parks and reserves, offering everyone, including tourist and retirees almost endless options for excursions and exploration.

When you relocate, you will become aware of the 9 volcanoes; and 500,000 species of fauna and flora and an abundance of wildlife, from the mundane, to the rare and exotic. Expect to greet and live each day as an observer of nature’s beauty and imagination.

Some retirees take pleasure in the fact that there are endless miles of farmland. Many actually choose to relocate to a working farm of coffee, bananas, teak, palms, ornamental plants, or sugar cane. Regardless of where you live, you will always be able to marvel at the vistas of patchwork parcels of land. This type of beauty is a constant reminder that the opportunities for land ownership are available and endless. Often the cost for large farms can be quite reasonable.

Not only does this scenic vista provide a beautiful backdrop, it also enriches the wealth of this country with strong agricultural roots.

At one time, agriculture was the backbone of Costa Rica, however, there has always been the commitment to democracy, education and healthcare for the people this great society. Not insignificant points to anyone contemplating a move to Costa Rica.

With a 95% literacy rate and some fine universities, Costa Rica has empowered both the future of the country and the people who have lived in this paradise for hundreds of years. They are proud of their modern infrastructure and the fact that they have one of the most developed and best working communication systems in Latin America, making relocation options for both business and individuals quite desirable.

They invite and welcome foreign investment, which is why companies like Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Intel and others have found Costa Rica a most desirable place to relocate key employees and invest their own businesses. This small Central American country now exports more software, per capita, than any other Latin American country. Strong national and international companies mean a working and prosperous population.

Costa Rica plays host to more than 2 million visitors each year, arriving daily at one of two international airports. Costa Rica is one of the premier eco-destinations in the world. There is a long list of things to see and activities to enjoy, centered around beaches, volcanoes and rainforests. It doesn’t take long to fall in love, which is why so many eventually make the move to live, work or retire. We hope you come and stay. More importantly, that you will always help us protect our natural resources for generations to come and enjoy.

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