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Costa Rican consulates in the U.S. are an excellent information resource for anyone considering a visit, temporary or permanent move to Costa Rica. They provide, among other things, information about visas, work permits, marriage and residency. There are many considerations for anyone considering living, moving, working or retiring in Costa Rica. Proper investigation can save time, money and aggravation. Bureaucracy is slow anywhere, more so in Costa Rica.

There are document, notarization, authentication (above and beyond a U.S. Notary), and time limit requirements for submission and expiration. This process should be initiated from your country of origin for best access to required documents and to avoid delays, costly express mail charges and unfriendly time frames for completion and execution of documents from multiple authorities.

Further, although all processes can be accomplished by an individual, it is easier – at least with the current rules – to hire an expert in Costa Rica, who can provide advice in regard to relocation. Costa Rican rules, regulations and legislation regarding, moving, living, working and retiring to Costa Rica are in transition. Information and guidelines can change at any time. It is both prudent and cost effective to contract professional services BEFORE making the move.

Important: (1) The Costa Rican consulate in your country or region does not necessarily have correct and current information and; (2) Your embassy in Costa Rica may be unable or unwilling to do certain document authentication, even for retired military personnel.

Costa Rican, U.S. and foreign consulates/embassies (in your country/region) and contact information is listed below, as well as contact information for foreign embassies and consulates in Costa Rica. Many who move and live here will, sooner or later, need to visit or make contact with their own embassy. You should know their phone, location and hours. They are all located within the San Jose metropolitan area, and have strict business hours, typically in the morning only.

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