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Reply to untrue and slanderous
www.1- (dash) costaricalink.com "newsletters".

Dear Friends, Business Associates and Internet Surfers,

A few weeks ago, I received this email from an old friend trying to locate me:

I apologize in advance for having to comment here again, but since my ex-business partner, Joern Malek, continues to slander me in his "newsletters" on 1-costaricalink.com (dash - ), and on public forum sites, I need to publish the facts again for those of you who may have questions. These untrue slanderous statements are on the internet, can be found by friends, clients and potential clients, and therefore, I must respond

Fact:  Joern Malek never owned the name 1-costaricalink.com (dash - ) before August 15, 2003. On his copy website, he says across the top of the homepage, "This is the Original 1-CostaRicaLink.com site since 1999." That is absolutely untrue. Click here to see the site that Joern Malek wanted me to help him with in March of 2001. This site, and another near duplicate site he had, looked nothing like 1-costaricalink.com (dash - ) of today, which has copied the graphics and many elements of my www.1costaricalink.com. Click here to see the domain registration of my www.1costaricalink.com and his 1-costaricalink.com (dash - ). Notice his registration is 2 years AFTER my website registration.

Fact:  I, was an equal PARTNER with Joern Malek, not a webmaster employee who stole a site. (As a result of him NOT telling the prosecutor that information, charges against me were falsely filed. They will be dismissed when this evidence is presented to the court.) An employed webmaster earns a weekly salary. An equal partner shares in 50% of the losses. Furthermore, I was responsible for www.1costaricalink.com's current design - the logo, technical changes, much of the core text, and of course, the optimization that made it a #1 placement in many search engine results. Joern admits that in an email sent on June 28, 2001. Click here to see that email and a weekly partnership financial report.

Fact:   The dissolution of the partnership resulted in the splitting up of the assets of that partnership. Part of the disagreements that lead up to the split was that Mr. Malek wanted to spam the indexes of search engines by duplicating many clone, almost exact copy sites. I refused to participate, and disagreed vigorously, as all sites would run the risk of being banned or downgraded by search engines. He built those sites anyway with 1CostaRicaLink.com (no dash - ) money. All those sites have since been severely downgraded or banned by all popular search engines. See UPDATE - MAY 27, 2004 below for his latest search engine rating penalty on Yahoo.

Fact: Joern promised to form a corporation for us, One Costa Rica Link SA, but never did so. He instead retained control of all money through his own corporation, Flamingo Link SA, and never even paid all my business expenses, let alone any profit. However, he did pay all of his own business expenses and supported his family AND Angela's families with the proceeds of 1CostaRicaLink.com income. When I met him, he had no money, no credit cards, and his van with bald tires was being repossessed, which is why I was so tolerant for awhile of his additional needs. At the dissolution of the partnership, he kept all computers bought with www1costaricalink.com money, including all software, all websites except www.1costaricalink.com, all office furniture and equipment, and all accounts receivable. I received just one website, www.1costaricalink.com, which was severely damaged by his incompetent changes, optimizing and linking policies during buy out negotiations, and it was nearly destroyed in the search engine ratings. It is that site that I have restored to its former dignity, with even higher ratings, and have added new material.

Your Hard Earned Advertising Money -
Where to Invest It?

Now, let’s talk about your advertising dollar and getting the most for it. First of all, I have become aware that some purchasers of advertising from 1-costaricalink.com (dash - ), Flamingolink SA, mistook the good rating they saw on Google, which was my site, www.1costaricalink.com, for the Joern copy site, 1-costaricalink.com (dash - ). Obviously, they were disappointed with the results from 1-costaricalink.com (dash - ) advertising. Therefore, I have changed my original logo slightly, removing the dash and putting in a large, red "1" (as at the top of this page) to help business owners and internet surfers make the distinction between the two of us. (The dash "–" in the logo was put there by me during the original design merely so that the name would wrap more around the parrot.)

Now, good advertising on the web means that you have to have good search engine placement so that people will find you, and find you first. So, let's look at some 1CostaRicaLink.com (no dash) Google ratings as of May 24, 2004, where they have been for a long time:

Costa rica hotels                    #1
Costa rica hotel                      2 and 3
Costa rica vacation               1
Costa rica vacations             3
Costa rica resorts                  1
Costa rica resort                    2
Costa rica honeymoon        3, 3
Costa rica honeymoons      1, 2
Costa rica all inclusive         3, 4
Costa rica all inclusive hotels 1, 2
Costa rica packages                 2
Costa rica travel packages      3, 4
Costa rica vacation packages 2, 3
Costa rica tours                           4
Costa rica tour                             5
costa rica rent a cars                 1, 2
costa rica rent a car                    3
costa rica rental cars                 2, 3
costa rica weather                     5
costa rica climate                      6, 7
etc., etc., etc..

Try these terms in Google, the world's most popular search engine, and in most cases, you won't even be able to find 1-costaricalink.com (dash - ). Who would you rather advertise with?

Question? Would you rather advertise with an already professional organization, or one still learning and trying to get it right? I am sorry to say it, but it's true, Joern cannot even optimize his own site, and therefore has to ask for help in public forums and even offer prizes! (Click) Also, read my response below his post.! Yet, in his recent newsletter on 1-costaricalink.com (dash - ), (I won't link to the page as doing so may get me penalized), he is trying to convince you to use his services to optimize YOUR website! I have a track record in optimizing for popular and very competitive keywords on many websites I've built and optimized, and getting first place or first page results. He is still in the learning stage. Is this where you want to spend your optimization money?

Go here to see Google telling Joern that he is spamming with excessive keyword "stuffing" and they will cancel his account. Then, he argues with them!! This is the same lack of reception and respect I got from him when I asked him NOT to spam the search engines by building duplicate sites. All those sites have since been severely downgraded or banned, and if you were advertising on them, you lost business. Do you want to pay for an ad on his newest copy site, 1-costaricalink.com (dash - ), and run the risk of him being banned or downgraded by the search engines again?

UPDATE - MAY 27, 2004 On May 23rd, while defending myself against Joern's ongoing slander on one of the pubic forums mentioned above, I made this prediction, "Unfortunately for Joern, he is a textbook example of what can happen when you violate search engine guidelines, and now, he's complaining. I predict that as Yahoo begins to fold in stronger duplication filters, he will be in trouble there, too, more than he presently is." That foretold trouble has already arrived. While checking Yahoo.com, where his site 1link2hotels.com was #3 for "costa rica hotels" for a long time, and showed up for other hotel terms, he now does NOT show up anywhere for any terms. He has been severely downgraded or banned. I now predict that unless he changes his present policies on 1-costaricalink.com (dash - ) that he will hurt even more his poor overall ratings. Advertising Buyer - Beware!

SPECIAL ADVERTISING OFFER - MAY 29 If you are presently an advertiser on any of Joern's websites that have been downgraded or banned, I would like to offer you this free help. In most cases, I will advertise your hotel or business for FREE for the rest of your contract term with Flamingolink SA, to introduce you to the superior coverage and benefits of www.1costaricalink.com! Please click here and give me your business name, the contract ending date, on which website(s) you appear (the URL address, if possible), and an email address and business phone number. I'm sorry for any confusion he or Angela may have caused, but there is only one, original, real, and made successful by Forrest Geiger - 1CostaRicaLink.com.

UPDATE - JUNE 15, 2004 Google has further downgraded Jorn's site, 1-costaricalink.com (dash - ) from #35 for "costa rica hotels" to #169. His lack of knowledge and professionalism is bringing further disaster to his overall ratings in Google, Yahoo and all other search engines. This is not a matter of bad luck. This is a matter proper site management and honest optimization. The simple fact is that if Jorn and I were to exchange our two websites today, within 9 months he would fail with my successful site, and I would make a top rated success out of his failing website.

UPDATE - JULY 5, 2004
Click here for answers to Joern's latest falsehoods in his June 2004 Newsletter

If you are considering advertising on www.1CostaRicaLink.com, click here to see my current Google ratings, and an advertising warning.  Just one year after I bought the domain name 1CostaRicaLink.com in April of 2001, and assumed the technical direction among other duties, it was at the top of Google for all major keyword sets. Compare my ratings with those of 1-costaricalink.com (dash - ), which has been under the technical direction of Joern Malek for over 14 months.

Once again, Google, for the last week, has gone through another database update and adjustment to its algorithm. For my site, www.1costaricalink.com, search engine ratings are as high as ever.

But, for Joern's site, 1-costaricalink.com (dash - ) the results have been absolutely devastating. His latest and largest website attempt out of 13, 1-costaricalink.com (dash - ), has now joined the ranks of all his previous failures. He is invisible for any major and minor keyword combinations. This was predictable, as I mentioned above, and what is sad, so preventable. Unfortunately, his arrogance and lack of ethical optimization practices have caught up with him again. He has hurt not only himself and his family, but his workers and their families that depended upon him.

Maybe it is best at this time of year, in this Holiday Season, for Joern to realize that all civilized societies and successful international businesses, like Google, have just a few simple rules. Those rules define the borders that allow us to function more harmoniously together. Perhaps, he should consider paying more attention to those codes.

To my friends who have been by my side, and business associates who have stood beside me and defended me this last year, my heartfelt thanks and appreciation. May you have the best of this Holiday Season, and the most prosperous coming New Year.

12 April 2010 - Forrest Found Innocent of False Claims Made by Malek
AM Costa Rica Online Newspaper Article - Clarification from Forrest
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UPDATE - MARCH 4 & April 2, 2005
Click here for answers to Joern's latest falsehoods in his February & March, 2005 Newsletters
UPDATE - APRIL 29, 2005
Impersonations, imagionary contracts, other rantings & fables, and the 100 Ton Elephant.
Google's Jagger Update, It's Effects on Malek, Relaxing of Defamation
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Response to Comments Made on www.TripAdvisor.com
UPDATE - JULY 27, 2007
Response to Comments Made on www.WeLoveCostaRica.com




Once again, I apologize for having to post details of a business dispute on my tourism and information website, but Joern and Angela Malek's attacks on me are unrelenting. I therefore need to defend my name by showing that things are not always as you are being told, especially with the world wide coverage of the internet today. Thank you for you tolerance, understanding and patience.


Forrest Geiger
Owner / Webmaster www.1CostaRicaLink.com

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