Game Explanations and Rules


How to play: Every player hands three initial bets of the same amount each. Cards dealing: Every player is given three cards and the house keeps two. Cada jugador recibe tres cartas y la casa se queda con dos.

The game: The game consists on not to play against the dealer, nor against any other player; but it is to make a tute hand using your own three cards, and the two of the dealer. Winners will be paid according to the table's paying rate. Having seen their three cards, the players have to decide if they withdraw their first bet, or to leave it continue the game. The dealer turns over its first card, and the players decide if they withdraw their second bet, or let it continue. The players, immediately put their cards behind the remaining bets, and the dealer turns over its second card opening the games from left to right, paying according to the table's paying rate. The players can neither show their cards, nor touch them once they are on the table.

The table's limits are minimum 1.000.oo (One thousand colones) or $5. (Five dollars), and as maximum as 5.000.oo (Five thousand colones) or $50.oo (Fifty dollars) in each bet.

The table's maximum payment is $5000.oo (Five thousand dollars) or 1.000.000.oo (One million colones.)

How to play: The game begins when you make your initial bet. The house hands 5 to every player (five closed cards) and keeps to itself the first four closed and the last closed one. Right after you check your cards, you can play or quit. If you decide to participate, you choose the option of betting exactly twice as much the amount set before. If you decide to quit, you lose the initial bet. Once all the players decide to participate, the dealer opens its closed cards ( he plays as a minimum with the Ace and king, or the highest game. If at the moment of comparing the cards, the player's defeat the dealer's, the player will receive payment equal to the previous one(1-1), and a prize upon the bets according to the table's rate.

The players can neither show their cards, nor touch them once they are on the table. There are two limits at the TUTE - CARIBBEAN STUD POKER tables.

1- The table's limits are minimum 500.oo (Five hundred colones) or $5. (Five dollars), and as maximum as 25.000.oo (Twenty-five thousand colones) or $100.oo (One hundred dollars) in each bet. The table's maximum payment is 1.000.000.oo (One million colones.) and $4000 (Four thousand dollars.)

2- The table's limits are: a minimum of 5000.oo (Five thousand colones) and $20. (Twenty dollars), and as maximum as 50.000.oo (Fifty thousand colones) and $200.oo (Two hundred dollars.) The table's maximum payment is 1.500.000.oo and $6000.



This old game is played with eight cards. They are shuffled and placed on the shoe to be served. The players have to place their bets on any of these three options: PLAYER, BANKER, or TIE. Two rounds of two cards each are delivered in front of the dealer; then, a third can be served according to the rules. The first round represents the PLAYER's bet, which sum of points is closer to nine point. Cards valued as 10 are zero points, ACE counted as 1 is two as two, etc. If the hand sums a two digits number, any number, the point will be the final digit; for example: (if 7+8=15, then the point is 5.) The player will win when the bet he hands represents the winning game, and will pay 1 to 1 on the PLAYER, 1 to 1 on the BANKER, minus 5% of the bet and 8 to 1 on the TIE.


1- In case of: That the BANKER or the PLAYER has 8 or 9 point on the first two cards, he will not take a third.

2.- If not: The PLAYER has from 0 to 5 points, he will have to take a third card; or having form 6 to 7 has to keep the two cards.



You win automatically obtaining a trio, or a sequence of the same figure cards. If you achieve this by making 21 points, you win five times your bet. If you don't make 21, then you win three times your bet. This benefit is only for you, never for the bank.

On the other hand, if you have not gotten either the trio or the sequence, you should try to make more points than the bank, as many points as you can, until you make 21. By doing so, you win the same amount of the bet. If you exceed this number (21 points), you lose the game.

The cards tell the points, except for the King, the Queen or the J card which are worth 10 points. The ACE is 11 or 1 as it is more convenient to the play. Know we know the rules, let's start the game.

The dealer starts it by dealing two open cards to every player, and one to himself. Then, you can ask for as many cards as you want, but remember to keep in mind that the limit is 17, even if you got an ACE and a six. In case of going tie, you keep your bet.

Since we always want you to win, we have the JackPot: by having three seven of the same figure from the same suit, you win as much as 2.000.000.oo colones.

Pai gow Tute (Pai Gow Poker)

Its a 7 cards poker.

Consists on separating the cards in two games so as the higher game gets in the bottom cards (higher game) and the next two cards on top (lower game), so there are 2 cards on top and 5 below.

Bets: 2000 colones or $20 is the minimum and the maximum is 100.000.oo colones or $400. A joker will be used for the scale or color, in the case there is not scale or color it is an ACE and in the scale and color it is used as minor card.

Canasta (Roulette)

It is a layout with 36 numbers from 1 to 36, including 0 and 00 which are the Eagle and Zuguia. This games consists in placing a chip on the layout on the prefered number Payments are:

Low numbers go from 1 to 18: pay 1 to 1 minimum bet 2000. High numbers go from 19 to 36: pay 1 to 1 minimum bet 2000. Black and red colors: pay 1 to 1 minimum bet 2000.

1st docen. 1 to 12: pay 2 to 1 minimum bet 1000 2nd docen. 13 to 24: pay 2 to 1 minimum bet 1000 3rd docen. 25 to 36: pay 2 to 1 minimum bet 1000

1st, 2nd , 3rd column go from 1 to 34 2nd to 35 3rd to 36 pays minimum bet of 1000 The Full pays 35 to 1 The Half pays 17 to1 The Quarter of Full pays 8 to1 The "calle" pays 11 to 1 The "Seicena" pays 5 to 1 The Five Numbers pay 6 to1 In the bet of the Five Numbers 00-0-1-2-3 are played..

Minumum bet is 100.oo colones or $1 per position.

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