About 1Costa Rica Link

To Love Costa Rica is to Love Life! This site is dedicated to all who have visited here and experienced this great land of diverse natural resources and friendly, peaceful people. It is also dedicated to those who dream and dare to come here, perhaps to discover another, and more tranquil side, of themselves.

Our Mission...

At 1 Costa Rica Link is to help you enjoy this incredibly beautiful and natural country as much as we do. We are here to assist you in that journey, and our website is a reflection of the feelings we have for Costa Rica. We will try to answer your questions, or at least point you in the right direction. We are located in Costa Rica, are a Costa Rican company, One Costa Rica Link, SA (Cedula Juridica 3-101-394352), and are therefore close to the pulse of current events and the tourism industry. We know Costa Rica!
Our travel providers and ground operator are ICT licensed Costa Rican companies, locally owned and operated.

Costa Rican Trails , our service provider We are happy to announce our continuing relationship with Costa Rican Trails, one of the largest upscale wholesale providers in the country, with many European suppliers, and unequalled experience in the incentive tours area. Their professional and dedicated staff can also help individual travelers, FITs, with all hotel accommodations, reservations and other travel desires. They print their own first class brochures and travel maps, which they give to their clients upon arrival. Please be assured that they will do everything possible to make your vacation a care free, pleasant and memorable experience from your landing here in beautiful Costa Rica, to your departure take-off.

Costa Rican Trails Commitments:

Unique and innovative services

Recently rated #1 on Trip Advisor! For more than 20 years Costa Rican Trails has committed to provide unique and innovative travel services at a great value. They offer a large variety of travel packages for family vacations, romantic getaways, nature lovers, pure adrenaline as well as tailor made itineraries. They sell what they know! In all of their programs they include only properties that they have stayed in and combine the best components of Costa Rica with their customer’s special requirements.

Personalized service

They believe that no matter how great a place is, only an experienced travel expert can help you discover its unique and amazing qualities. Costa Rican Trail’s team of specialists works with their clients very closely and will tailor made their experience based on their interests, budget, and time frame.

First Class Transportation

Costa Rican Trails arranges your transportation throughout Costa Rica by chauffer-guide, car rental, or on domestic flights. Our priority is to assure our customers an 100% safe and comfortable trip. Therefore, Costa Rican Trails continuously invest in new fleet of vans which are given daily maintenance.

Our Costa Rican Touch!

Costa Rica´s world famous hospitality is represented by our local ground operator Costa Rican Trails. They give great significance to every little detail of your trip. Initial briefing, travel maps and driving guides of Costa Rica, a welcome kit with the important information of your hotel, tours and travel services and 24 hour assistance are some of the extra benefits of their value added service.


They only feature hotels and lodges that we have stayed in and we believe to be the best in their area, always looking for value, character, and good service. In some of the secluded and undeveloped regions, the obvious trappings of comfort may not be immediately apparent, but something special is everywhere: a unique style, a remarkable setting, wholesome comforts, and a dedication to protect their natural setting and to please every guest.

Sustainable Tourism

Costa Rican Trails participates in Sustainable Tourism Policies and follows environmental guidelines and programs to protect our environment.
Their commitment is to support several organizations that contribute to the protection of the environment as well as to the welfare of the Costa Rican people. Those organizations are:

  • - The Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS)
  • - The Caribbean Conservation Corporation
  • - Neotropica Foundation
  • - The National Park Foundation
  • - Paniamor Foundation
  • - World Vision

Let Costa Rican Trails help you plan your custom itinerary using their specialized knowledge and experience, for your special vacation!. Since 1989 (ICT Lic. # 226)

What you will find on this site:

Beautiful pictures and descriptive text about Costa Rica - what to do and where to stay, lay on the beach, vacation, have a business convention, and find tours. 1Costa Rica Link goes to great lengths to have the widest variety of hotels and tours with as much information about them as possible.

Maps, descriptions of most beaches, parks, and hotels. Recently, we have added a Business Section, greatly expanded our Real Estate Listings, added a San Jose Activities / Information page, and for fun in the sun, created a surfing in Costa Rica section.

As always, we have lots of information on travel and tourism, and what to do if you decide to live or retire here.

What you will not find on this site:

No flashing advertising banners distracting you while you try to read or enjoy the pictures. (Except now, one at the very top to empahsize our travel planning services, that disappears immediately as you scroll down the page.) We believe in letting you make your own decision on where you want to go next without being prodded by blinking rectangles all over the text area. Also, no annoying, automatic pop-up windows.

Negative news. If you want some, you can find it on other sites or newsgroups. But, in my experience, any problems that you might find here, you can find elsewhere, only worse. Just exercise normal precautions in traveling and business dealings. (This does not include some cautionary travel advisories sprinkled throughout the site - like being careful and not diving at the Montezuma waterfall, where recently there has been another unfortunate death from hitting hidden, submerged rocks. There are no warning signs.)

Link Farm Pages - Page after of page of link directories to other hotels or topics that you couldn't possibly be interested in, just so those people can do the merry-go-round of linking back with no other purpose than to try to increase search engine ratings. We believe you time is more valuable than that. Any link that goes to another site is meant to add to your enjoyment and learning experience, not our site rating.

Some Sample Comments from Web Surfers, Clients, Visitors, and Others in the Tourism / Website Industry

"First and foremost I would like to thankyou for your excellent webpage; it has been very informative. Secondly, is my question, is one able to camp on the beaches of Costa Rica? Myself and a friend are planning to surf for a month at the end of september to the end of october. Thank you for you time, and I look forward to your response."

kurt (Guide from British Columbia)

"I think that you guys have done a fantastic job with this website!!! I can't wait to see Costa Rica for myself. I am looking for information on Costa Rican tax laws with regrds to fuel taxes and establishment of foreign companies etc."

Thank You, Patrick Trollip

"Was looking around your website as I'm going back to Costa Rica next week. I was there last year for 3 months and loved it. When I was in the Puerto Viejo Sarapiqui area I stayed at a place called Rancho Leona. Nice lodge with kayaking and language learning. Very reasonable and laid back. Thought it was worth mentioning. I really like the maps on your site --best around thanks "

Fred Eslick"

"I am going to Costa Rica on June 30, 04 for my Son's Wedding on July 3, 04. We are going to Manuel Antonio and staying at Si Como No. I happened upon your website, and I must congratulate you for a "Masterful Website". This is First Class, and those who took part in its formation and presentation, should be acknowledged to the first degree! It is beautiful, user friendly, extremely informative, and well thought out. I congratulate you once again for a job, WELL DONE!

Thank you." JRY - Long Island, New York, USA

"You talented man you. Both web sites are brilliant. Considering the size of Costa Rica the country site (1costaricalink.com) is huge, full of relevant information, easy to navigate and a real pleasure to use.The Tango Mar site (on 1costaricalink.com) is much the same. Many multi-national hotel chains should be making notes on the layout, use of space and the information included in their sites. Some of these are next to useless but your site removes much of the guess work involved in booking hotels abroad. Certainly made me wish I was there NOW. I have already passed on the main web site address to a few people so hopefully they will be just as impressed as I was - and as you can tell I was. Keep up the excellent work.

Best regards George "

And this, from a native Costa Rican now living in the US:

"I am just sending you this email to let you know how proud you made me to present our beautiful country in that way. I am from Costa Rica, Limon and was amazed by the site and great information about our country you provide. Me siento tan orgullosa de ser tica. Keep up the great work."

Marion Bernard

"that your website design is one of the finest I have seen on the web. The flowing script is the first time I have seen it. Catchy. The whole look to the site is crisp, clean, inviting. Visited San Jose, Quepos, Lemon and Cahuita is January this winter past. Won't be my last visit. Might you suggest other places that are off the track? Many parts of Costa Rica have become so "gringo-ized" with condos, etc. We enjoy the diversity of culture, experiencing more of the Costa Rican life rather than the luxury approach to visiting. Any suggested areas would be appreciated. Again, fantastic website, "

Dave Borton

"Hi Forrest…. What a great site….you certainly have done some beautiful work on those websites that you designed….keep up the nice effects. Those are clearly not out of a can….."

Tim Timothy Green TGE Enterprises Computer Consulting & Programming