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The Monteverde Costa Rica Cloud Forest is one of the most famous conservation areas in Central America. It's a tropical rain forest but because of its altitude (1400 meters or 4.600 feet), it's called a Cloud Forest. One of the cloud forest characteristic is the abundance of vegetation. Competition for growing space is so intense that trunks and branches are almost entirely covered epiphytes, lichens, liverworts, bryophytes and mosses. The epiphyte mats store moisture, which is especially important in the dry season (February to May). The lush cloud forest canopy is thus home to many species of insects, amphibians, and mammals which never even come down to the rainforest forest floor. Is a highland forest characterized by nearly 100% humidity throughout the year. Most famous for being associated with the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, the tiny community of Monteverde is a small village located near the entrance of the cloud forest. Monteverde was founded by the Quaker community that migrated from North America to Costa Rica in the 1950’s. In town, which is actually Santa Elena, you'll find banks, drug store, a local hospital, book store, gas station, ATM machine, police station, post office, supermarkets, internet cafes, restaurants and much more. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Preserve was established in 1972 and it is a pioneer in environmental tourism. It's administered by the Tropical Science Center (CCT), a non-profit scientific and educational association in Costa Rica. The reserve covers 12.355 acres and is world famous for its extraordinarily rich cloud forest. This area was created to preserve the flora and fauna, as well as the water resources, and to conduct scientific studies and environmental education programs.

Daily Tours from Monteverde

Click - 100% Adventure (canopy +ATV tour)

100% Adventure (canopy +ATV tour) $105 p/p

The day begins with the canopy tour located 3 kilometers away from the main town of Santa Elena in Monteverde. After the safety chat and equipment instructions, you will climb a spacious metal ...

Click - Curicancha Wildlife Refuge guided walk

Curicancha Wildlife Refuge guided walk $65 p/p

This reserve is part of 210 acre private wildlife preserve in the very heart of Monteverde, covering both lower and wet montane and premontane wet virgin cloud forest. You begin your walk at an ...

Click - Don Juan Coffee Tour

Don Juan Coffee Tour $30 p/p

At our traditional house, you’ll enjoy a friendly atmosphere and the delicious, seductive aroma of one of the best coffees in the world. Along with your exquisite cup of coffee, you can try one ...

Click - El Trapiche Tour

El Trapiche Tour $28 p/p

El Trapiche tour is a Costa Rican Family project that offers visitors a two hour long guided tour. You'll begin with a walk on the farm where guests will learn about the production of ...

Click - Monteverde Cloud Forest Private Reserve Tour

Monteverde Cloud Forest Private Reserve Tour $70 p/p

You will hike through the well-marked-trails, waterfalls, rivers, and the observation area of the park. If you are lucky you might spot a "Quetzal", one of the most beautiful birds in the world. You will ...

Click - Monteverde Original Canopy Tour

Monteverde Original Canopy Tour $51 p/p

The tour is located in a private reserve behind the Cloud Forest, a few minutes drive from downtown Santa Elena. It starts with a short, guided hike through the private 70-acre reserve of the Cloud ...

Click - Monteverde Reserve Night Tour

Monteverde Reserve Night Tour $46 p/p

This tour takes you through private trails and public low transited roads for approximate 2 hours. Along the tour you’ll be able to observe the abundant flora and fauna richness, native to the region, which is ...

Click - Selvatura Canopy

Selvatura Canopy $45 p/p

Clients will traverse through cables and zip lines through the Cloud Forest. The Canopy Tour consists of 15 cables and 18 platforms and takes approximately 2.5 or 3 hours. In this tour our visitors will ...

Click - Sky Walk and Sky Tram

Sky Walk and Sky Tram $63 p/p

In the Sky Tram you will have the opportunity to observe the cloud forest biodiversity, the Arenal, Tenorio, Miravalles and Orosi volcanoes, the Nicoya gulf and the Guanacaste plain if the weather allows it. The ...

Click - Walkways, Insect Museum and Hummingbird Gardens

Walkways, Insect Museum and Hummingbird Gardens $85 p/p

These Tree Top Walkways are the best system of suspension bridges that exist in Costa Rica. The bridge system is located along a 1 .7 mile trail designed to be walked by people of all ...