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Costa Rica Sportfishing
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Costa Rica is fishing! Costa Rica is home to some of the best sportfishing and deep sea fishing in the world, with over 79 world records to its credit. Be prepared to catch Yellow Fin Tuna, Black Fin Tuna, Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Sailfish, Dolphin, Grouper, Snapper, Roosterfish, Snook, dorado and more!

Fish the tropical waters of Flamingo, Tamarindo, Tambor, Quepos and the Gulfo Dulce, Osa Peninsula on the Pacific side.

On the Atlantic - Caribbean side, you'll find Tarpon and Snook, barracuda, kingfish, spanish mackarel, jack, grouper, snapper and others. The canals and rivers of the northern Caribbean coast are lined with lush rain forest, which adds to the natural experience. Here you will find some of the best snook and tarpon fishing in the world.

Costa Rica Fishing boat

Costa Rica deep sea fishingCosta Rica Fishing in the Pacific Ocean
Costa Rica sportfishing - sailfish

Most of the sportfishing services in Costa Rica believe in the catch and release program for Marlin and Sailfish. By rod tipping to the fish with a bait or artificial lure, the fish is hooked in the forward part of the mouth area. The uninjured fish jumps more and fights longer. The fish runs hard, making handling the exhausted fish by the mate feasible so the hook can be taken out of the forward part of the mouth. Since the fish has not swollowed the bait, a healthy, but tired, fish is can be released.

Here's What the "Travel Guide to Costa Rica
has to say about fishing in Costa Rica:

Costa Rica’s rich waters boast giant marlin, super sailfish, vigorous tarpon, record-class snook and more than a dozen hard-hitting freshwater species. On the Pacific, it is not uncommon to catch and release 30 sailfish and even a marlin or two – in just one day. Boat operators release all billfish that are not record contenders; the waters hold many world records. Even deep-sea fly-fishing nets a record number of fish.Here are some of the fish and their seasons, listed geographically. Keep in mind though, fish don’t use calendars.

Marlin: Caught 12 months a year. Peak periods are from November to early March and August and September. Sailfish: Caught year-round, with May through August the top months. Tuna: Available year-round, peaking between August and October. Several fish between 200 and 400 lbs caught annually. In addition to these, there are plenty of dorado, wahoo and roosterfish.

Marlin: Caught 12 months a year, but October and its shoulder months are best. Sailfish: The middle of December to the end of April is best rated, but sometimes October has big schools. Tuna: Peak months are June through September, but tuna is available year-round. A dozen or more 200-lb-plus fish are taken every year. Snook: The rainy season seems to be best; a world record Pacific black snook was caught near Río Naranjo.

The Golfito area is famous for its big roosterfish yearround. Marlin: August through December is peak. Sailfish: December to the end of March is best, then again in August and September. Tuna: August through March is the best time for the 100 pounders, but fish of up to 30 lbs are caught year-round. Snook: The rainy season seems to be best; a world record Pacific black snook was caught near Río Naranjo.

Tarpon: Traditionally these fish are caught most often during the dry season, December through May. Snook & Fat Snook: Snook catches generally peak March through May, September and November. Fat snook (Calba) become plentiful November through January. Billfish: Out in the deep blue water are Atlantic blue marlin and Atlantic sailfish. Most are caught between February and September. Also caught in great numbers here are wahoo, dorado, tripletail, kingfish, Spanish and cero mackerel, jack crevalle and barracuda. Fantastic Fishing . 21 Introduction The Caribbean coast offers fine lodges for those in pursuit of tarpon, snook and other sport species. There is no greater thrill than hooking an acrobatic tarpon, having it sail 12 feet above the water, only to return, twist, and leap again. Plus, there is always action somewhere along Costa Rica’s shore. The best time to come is whenever you can!

Try these great fishing locations, packages & charters now!

Costa Rica Fishing and Sportfishing at the Ocotal Hotel / ResortNorthern Pacific, Guanacaste, Papagayo Fishing
by the experienced sportfishing professionals at Ocotal Fishing Resort!

Info on Central Pacific & Guanacaste Area Fishing Boat Charters

Costa Rica Sport Fishing at Los Suenos Resort

Gulfo Dulce, Southern Pacific, Deep Sea Fishing by Parrot Bay Village

Costa Rica River Fishing - Snook and Tarpon Fishing!

No Frills Fishing Safaris offer two very different types of trips that cover north central Costa Rica and south central Nicaragua. We can offer your clients a third option, Jungle River Fly Fishing in relativly unknown waters. There is no other experiance like hooking a 200+ pound Tarpon, from a small boat, on light weight fly tackel in a 50 foot wide river.

Nicaragua is our true Adventure Safari. We need a minimum of 4 days of fishing due to the extreme distances we cover on the Rio San Juan. We have 8 lodges along an 80 mile stretch of the San Juan River. The Tarpon in this river system are the Silver Kings, with no natural predators they cruse along at will to find the best feeding spots. Our guide, Martin Bernard, has been hunting these giants for two decades and knows where and how to find them. There is no one that knows more than Martin on hunting and finding fish in these river systems. Martin, a certified yacht master, has explored the rivers in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, as well as L ake Nicaragua (where record Rainbow Bass are plentiful), since 1987, and is an expert on the fish's habits.

Costa Rica offers great opportunities to hunt not only Giant Freshwater Tarpon, but also record setting Snook, Large Tropical Gar, Machaca and a myriad of other hard fighting fish. Trips start and end each day from our comfortable Alamo Lodge, which features clean rooms, A/C, private baths, hot water, satellite TV, a first class lounge to retell the day's fish stories, and an incredible cuisine prepared by our guide Martin and his staff. While the Nicaragua fishing safaris are a true adventure, not for the faint of heart, Costa Rica offers beautiful scenic trips into the Cano Negro Preserve where incredible wildlife observations, and jungle fishing in the shallow lagoons are followed by comfortable nights at the Alamo Lodge.

While we do not have any particular season, there are times that are better than others. In Nicaragua, the end of the dry season when river water levels are low, offers great opportunities as the Tarpon school in the shallow waters looking for food. Tarpon fishing on the Rio San Juan is good year round, but February, March and April is usually the best time, depending on overall weather conditions. Costa Rica is great August through April, with May, June and July being more of a challenge due to the muddy water runoff in such a small river system. You should allow at least 3 days of fishing to give you your best chance to get your Tarpon during these three months. August through November offers an incredible Tarpon fishing experience in the Cano Negro Preserve in Costa Rica as the Tarpon feed in the shallow lagoons.

We customize each trip to the customer's specifications. You can fly into either San Jose, Costa Rica, where we can pickup your group up in our custom air conditioned vans for the 3+ hour drive to our lodge in Los Chiles, or we have a dirt airstrip close by that can handle charter flights. If you plan on just fishing in Nicaragua, we can meet you in San Carlos, Nicaragua (letting you clear customs there as opposed to 3+ hours each way out of and into Costa Rica), and start our journey from there. If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact me either via email anytime, or phone; 8:00 am to 5:00pm PST. I hope we will have the opportunity to provide your clients with a once in a lifetime experience fishing the jungle rivers of Central America.

Greg Sexton

No Frills Fishing Safaris

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