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El Paraiso Spanish Language School
Tel/Fax: (506)777-4681
E-Mail: info@elparaisoschool.com
P.O. Box 6350-317 Quepos - Costa Rica

Academia Tica
Tels. 229-0013
Fax: 292-7136
E-Mail: actica@racsa.co.cr

Christian Immersion Spanish Academy
Tel. 8822-6752
Fax: 2531-3061
E-Mail: infocisa@racsa.co.cr

The British Institute
Tel. 225-0256
Fax: 253-1894
E-Mail: nstbrit@racsa.co.cr
San José

Academia Costarricense de Lenguaje
Tel. 221-1624
Fax: 233-8670
San José

Academia de Idiomas Escazú
Tels. 385-4755
Fax: 228-7736
E-Mail: spanish@racsa.co.cr

Academia Latinamericana de Español
Tels. 224-9917
Fax: 225-8125
E-Mail: recajhi@racsa.co.cr

American Institute for Language and Culture
Tels. 273-3418
Fax: 224-4244
E-Mail: ialccr@racsa.co.cr

Central American Institute for International Affairs (ICAI)
Tels. 233-8571
Fax: 221-5238
E-Mail: icai@expresso.co.cr

Comunicare Linguistic, Cultural and Community Service Center
Tel/fax: 224-4473
E-Mail: comunica@pop.racsa.co.cr

Costa Rica Spanish Institute
Tel. 280-6622
Fax: 283-4733
E-Mail: iesper@racsa.co.cr

Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA)
Tel.: 280-1685 280-1739
Fax: 280-2548
E-Mail: crlang@racsa.co.cr
Website: www.spanishandmore.com

Costa Rican Spanish Institute (COSI)
Tel. 234-1001
Fax: 253-2117
E-Mail: cosicr@racsa.co.cr

CPH Language and Cross-Cultural School
Tel. 282-9188
Fax: 282-6556
E-Mail: info@spanishcostarica.com

Forester Institute Internacional
Tel. 225-3155
Fax: 225-9236
E-Mail: forester@racsa.co.cr

Tel. 260-8480
Fax: 260-9243
E-Mail: intercul@racsa.co.cr

Institute for Central American Development Studies (ICADS)
Tel. 234-1381
Fax: 234-1337
E-Mail: icads@netbox.com

Institute for Progresive Communications (IPC)
Tel. 249-1821
Fax: 249-1095
E-Mail: nso@rspi.org

Instituto Universal de Idiomas
Tel. 257-0441
Fax: 223-9917
E-Mail: info@universal-edu.com

Tel. 225-5009
Fax: 253-4337
E-Mail: intensa@racsa.co.cr

IPEE Spanish Language School
Tel. 283-7731
Fax: 225-7860
E-Mail: ipee@gate.net

Language and International Relations Institute (ILERI)
Tel. 289-4396
Fax: 228-1687
E-Mail: info@ilerispanishschool.com

Liberty Christian Academy
Tel/fax: 236-3886
E-Mail: liberty@racsa.co.cr

Tel. 239-2225
Fax: 293-2894
E-Mail: esmilemkcarney@itspanish.com

Tel/fax: 234-7682
E-Mail: mesoamer@racsa.co.cr

Philology and Linguistics School (U.C.R.)
Tel. 207-5634
Fax: 207-5089
E-Mail: espaucr@cariari.ucr.ac.cr

Pura Vida Institute
Tel/fax: 237-0387
E-Mail: puravida@amerisol.com

Universidad Veritas-Instituto de España para Extranjeros
Tel. 283-4747
Fax: 225-2907
E-Mail: info@uveritaas.ac.cr

Centro Panamericano de Idiomas (C.P.I.)
Tel/fax: 265-6213
E-Mail: info@cpi.edu.com

Spanish Language and Environmental Protection Center (SEPA)
Tel. 771-4582
Fax: 771-8841
E-Mail: selvamar@racsa.co.cr

Rancho de Español
Tel/fax: 438-0071

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