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Living in Costa Rica and wishing there were a great little restaurant around the corner, can at times be a bit daunting. Of course this depends on where you are living...and in fact, you don't even have to live here, just be a visitor - location is the keyword in finding good restaurants.

Of course, if you are in the Cental Valley, namely San Jose and surrounding areas, you are going to be in luck. Luck with a bit of savvy...and a desire to investigate before you venture out. But, then again, there are some locations, Escazu, around the Mulitplaza, that are teeming with really excellent restaurants. Anywhere, within a couple mile radius of the Multiplaza, or the Multicentro Paco, you are going to be able to find restaurants, offering a large variety of cuisines. There are many Italian restaurants, serving dishes, ranging from piazza to a complete, and excellent, Italian fare. There are several, very good Argentinian restaurants, some international/fusion spots, there is even an excellent Indian restaurant, that has been around for several years and does amazing things with both vegetarian and meat, chicken or fish dishes.

Once you step outside of the "restaurant row" box, and venture into other parts of the Central Valley, including downtown San Jose, you are kind of on your own. There are areas, like Barrio Escalante, where there are more than a few, long time favorite restaurants, but you must know the area and how to get to these spots. There is a great Caribbean restaurant in this area, that would be a shame for anyone who loves Caribbean flavors to miss. Once again, there are so many "pockets" of the city, that have wonderful restaurants, basically, one needs a guide, then maybe a good, knowledgeable cab driver to take you there.

However, once you have embarked on more of the outskirts of not just the Central Valley, but any perimeter edges of the western section of San Jose, such as Santa Ana or Ciudad Colon, you are really going to need to know where to go to find good restaurants.

Of course, the beach areas and tourist towns, do offer some fine opportunities for a memorable dining experience. The Northern Guanacaste beach towns, all have at least one or two fine restaurants, so that collectively, it would make for a good culinary vacation. You are surely going to have someone in each locality recommend at least one or two great restaurants.

As mentioned before, most tourist areas, do have good to excellent places to eat. Even if there doesn't seem to be a really great high end restaurant, you probably won't be disappointed to find a wonderful, typical spot, with lots of charm and a menu filled with items that are foreign to your palate, but inviting to your taste buds. Do not overlook the local, tico spots, even if they do not offer you a pleasing environment, often the best food is in the most unsuspecting local restaurants.

One of the most surprising locations in Costa Ric that you will find a relatively high concentration of great restaurants is the Caribbean (Atlantic) Coast. Specifically, Puerto Viejo is home to more than its fair share of really incredible spots to dine. From truly exceptional in both food and ambiance, to little out of the way, "hole in the wall" restaurants, that offer you a truly magical dining experience. In some ways, the Caribbean is not to be missed, if you are a true foodie, as you will find not only great Caribbean fare, but several top notch, local Italian restaurants, vegetarian cuisine, and local pastry / breakfast restaurants.

Whether you live here or are vacationing in Costa Rica, travel to your favorite town and restaurant with the links below. We are currently updating this section, so please check back frequently.

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Restaurants in San José  

Al Horno, Restaurant
Añoranzas de Colombia, Restaurant
Costa del Sol, Pizzería Restaurante * This Costa Rican Restaurant we have visited
Cuartel de la Boca del Monte, Bar Restaurant
El Chicote, Restaurant and Bar
El Fogoncito, Restaurant
Gauchada, Restaurant
El Gran Diamante, Restaurant and Bar * This Costa Rican Restaurant we have visited
* This Costa Rican Restaurant we have visited
Il Gatto, Restaurant
La Bastille, Restaurant * This Costa Rican Restaurant we have visited
La Flecha, Coffee Shop
La Nuova Piazzetta, Restaurant
La Princesa Marina, Restaurant * This Costa Rican Restaurant we have visited
Los Antojitos, Restaurant
Machu Picchu, Restaurant * This Costa Rican Restaurant we have visited
Padrísimo, Restaurant
Soho Bar & Grill
Spoon's, Restaurant * This Costa Rican Restaurant we have visited
The Golden Horse, Restaurant
Tin Jo, Restaurante * This Costa Rican Restaurant we have visited

Restaurants in Escazú   Santa Ana

Cafe de Artistas
Cerutti, Restaurant * This Costa Rican Restaurant we have visited
Don Cipriano, Restaurant
The White House Hotel, Capital Bar & Grill, Restaurant* This Costa Rican Restaurant we have visited
Las Carretas,

Restaurants in San Pedro   Los Yoses

1900, Restaurant
Casa Las Orquideas, Restaurant
El Fogoncito, Restaurant * This Costa Rican Restaurant we have visited
La Hispanidad, Restaurant
Il Ponte Vecchio,Restaurant

Restaurants in Heredia   Cariari

Sakura, Restaurant
Sancho Panza, Restaurant

Restaurants in Cartago

Las Fanegas
La Casona del Cafetal

Restaurants in La Fortuna   Arenal Monteverde  Los Angeles  Tilarán

Restaurants in Alajuela  La Garita  San Carlos  Atenas  Orotina  Naranjo 

Chicharronera Don Yayo, Restaurant
Delicias del Maíz, Restaurant
Delicias de Mi Tierra, Restaurante
Fruta de Oro, Restaurante
Jalapeña, Restaurant and Bar
La Casa del Viñedo, Restaurante
La Fiesta de las Pupusas, Restaurant
La Fiesta del Pollo, Restaurant
La Fiesta de Maiz, Restaurante
Los Gemelos, Restaurant and Bar
Mirador del Cafetal, Restaurant
Punto y Coma, Restaurant and Bar
Ranchero Tipico La Trilla, Restaurant
The Green Parrot, Restaurant and Bar
Valle Verde, Restaurant
XQUELEÉ, Restaurant

Restaurants in Flamingo Beach   Tamarindo   Potrero Playas del Coco  Playa Hermosa  Rincón de la Vieja  

Restaurant Estero Azul * This Costa Rican Restaurant we have visited

Costa Rica Restaurants in Playa TamborPlaya HerraduraJaco Beach   Manuel Antonio   Dominical

* This Costa Rican Restaurant we have visited La Hacienda, Manuel Antonio, Fusion Cuisine Restaurant 
Hotel Tango Mar, Tambor, Restaurant 

Restaurants in Limón   Cahuita   Manzanillo  Puerto Viejo  Tortuguero  

Hotel Villas del Caribe, Restaurant 
Lapa Lapa, Restaurant 
La Pecora Nera, Restaurant 


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