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Looking for a distinctive and custom itinerary that is just about you, your interests and where you want to go?

Then, please take a moment to tell us of your important and special requirements. From birdwatching and butterfly farms to the beaches and volcanic mountains, from nature trekking to limousine service, we are here to provide you with accurate, and affordable, choices. Please provide us with your wish list below, and let us help you fulfill your vacation dreams.

Choices and Specialities:
Custom Family Vacations / Holidays: Something for the kids, and something for the parents and adults! We know Costa Rica and exactly where you will enjoy yourself the most, depending upon your recreational desires and activity level. Let us know of any special needs for senior citizens, guests, or special requirements for children. We're here to help you get the most out of your Costa Rican family vacation / reunion.

Your Wedding: One of the most romantic places on earth, Costa Rica can help make your special day the most memorable of your life. From a beachfront wedding to a spa resort setting in a volcano resort, we can arrange everything, including the tricky legal considerations, so that everything is just perfect.

Honeymoons / Anniversaries: Possibly no better place than in Costa Rica, close to nature to just relax, or adventurous activity to the max! We'll help you find it all - or help you just leave the world behind.

Adventure Tours: One man's adventure could be another's terror! Not to worry. We'll find the right sport and experience from Costa Rica Motorcycle Tours to bungee jumping, whitewater rafting or surfing in luxurious style. You name it, and your budget, and we'll put it together.

Nature Tours: Bird watching? Costa Rica has the best! Or, maybe you'd like to see giant green turtles nesting on the beach. Crocodiles or whale watching? Dolphin tours? Orchids? Flora and fauna un-imaginable! Costa Rica has it all, and we know Costa Rica.

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