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Turrialtico Lodge

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The simple, charming rooms were constructed using wood, giving it a rustic feel with the modern conveniences of a private bathroom, warm shower and are decorated with colorful, locally made bedspreads and artwork by artists in Turrialba.

Open air restaurant with capacity of 100 people
Orchid gallery and nursery with more than 80 different species
Souvenir store
Nature trails
Tours to different attractions in the area
Laundry service
Internet access
International telephone service

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The main dishes contain tasty meat of the region accompanied by the freshest vegetables, yuca or delicious plantains, corn tortillas filled with whatever you would like...typical Costa Rican food. Nights in the Turrialtico Restaurant are just as beautiful and enjoyable for our visitors because as the sun sets thousands of lights come on throughout the valley. Come and experience the beauty for yourself!

Turrialtico Mountain Lodge is located on a hill top 720m above sea level, surrounded by natural gardens and cultivated fields. From Turrialtico guests can watch all the valley of Turrialba bathed by the roaring waters of the Reventazón river. The hotel is very close to the lively town of Turrialba, well known for its fertile farmland and green pastures. The world renowned Pacuare River is also nearby. This river attracts many white-water rafters and kayakers for its warm turbulent waters and its scenic background.

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How to Get There:

Turrialba, Cartago
Driving from San José, take the highway towards Cartago on the Florencio del Castillo, continue on the same route to Cartago until you arrive to Basílica, in Cartago you want to take Highway 10 east. Continuing on Highway 10 you pass the through the small towns of Paraíso, Cervantes, and Juan Viñas, all the way to Turrialba. After passing through the center of Turrialba continue towards Limón, you will pass by the CATIE and go over the bridge over the Reventazón River, after this you will see an intersection, take the left continuing to Limón. 3 Kilometers past this intersection you will find the entrance to Turrialtico.