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Hotel Samara Pacific Lodge

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Samara Pacific Lodge offers comfortable standard rooms for up to 4 persons and large rooms for up to 5 persons. Each standard room offers two separate rooms, one with a double bed and a private bath and the other with a simple or bunk bed. The large rooms are located on the second floor and offer two spacious and private bath each. They also have an extra room with a single bed and a terrace overlooking the tropical gardens. All the standard rooms, large rooms have hot water and air conditioning.

Air conditioning
Restaurant, snack, bar
Laundry service
Private parking
Hot water shower
Adult and children swimming pool
Open 24/24
Night watch

Kayaking, Horseback Riding, Surfing, World class fishing and canopy

The hotel has a restaurant available for breakfast, lunch and dinner and offers a diversified selection of international and traditional cuisine and the bar offers la possibility to drink a cocktail in front of the large swimming pool.

Samara Pacific Lodge hotel takes advantages of a geographical position privileged by the quietness of nature, only 800m from the beach. Located nearby the village of Samara, between the beaches of Samara and Buenavista, in a natural tropical atmosphere among monkeys, iguanas, toucans and many other original animals.

Samara Pacific Lodge is a result family place with comfortable rooms which can sleep up 5 persons. Every room offers you the choice between ventilator and air conditioning. You will enjoy our restaurant with diversified menus and our bar allowing you to enjoy your favorite drink by the swimming pool.

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