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Hotel Montaña de Fuego

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Standard Rooms
Each room offers a natural style coziness in the warmth of the wooden structure. It's like a small refuge in the mountain; a special place where all your dreams may come true. Features excellent view of the volcano, one queen and one single bed, air conditioned, telephone, private bath with hot water, T.V. with cable and private Terrace

Deluxe Rooms
They have a comfortable, modern and spacious design. A place to relax and share a romantic moment with that special someone. Excellent view of the volcano, two Queen beds, air conditioned, mini refrigerator, private bath with hot water, telephone, cable TV and private terrace.

Their modern architecture provides the fullness and luxury you deserve, without compromising on the lovely surrounding natural environment. They come with excellent view of the volcano, 1 King bed, sitting room or extra bed with T.V., air conditioned , mini refrigerator, private bath with Jacuzzi, telephone, cable TV and private terrace.

Swimming pool
Gift Shop

You will have the opportunity to choose among several adventure tours, such as river rides, waterfalls, jungle, lakes, horses, fishing, etc. In essence, this is one place that any nature lover will absolutely want to come and enjoy!

At Acuarelas Restaurant you can taste the real Costa Rican flavor! From any table of the exclusive restaurant you will enjoy the spectacular view of the Arenal Volcano. The restaurant has a perfect elegant atmosphere complemented by instrumental music and the sound of nature. Its chef prepares delightful international dishes and delicious typical Costa Rican food.

Montaña de Fuego Hotel is located in La Fortuna, San Carlos, one of the most beautiful regions of Costa Rica. The hotel takes advantage of the natural beauty of the area and emerges as a peaceful oasis with magnificent vegetation and diverse fauna.

Its spacious and comfortable rooms offer you all the facilities to rest and relax. You will find yourself surrounded by a diverse natural environment and the most spectacular view of the Arenal Volcano. Its incredible and fascinating eruptions will astound you. Here you can feel the power of nature.

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La Fortuna

How to Get There:

La Fortuna, San Carlos
Take the Inter American Highway North, which passes through the International Airport, towards San Ramon, approximately 35 miles (56 km). Make a right in San Ramón, go through the town from east to west until the hospital, there will be a sign of Villa Blanca and Bajo Rodriguez. Keep going on that road passing by La Tigra, Chachagua to La Fortuna, then, turn to the left from east to west on the direction to the Arenal Volcano, keep driving for 5 miles and then you will find us at the right side of the road.