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Thank you for using 1 Costa Rica Link to locate you favorite hotel, or to find hotels for your next dream vacation or business trip to our country. We strive to offer you the widest selection of hotels in all areas of Costa Rica - from 5 star luxurious accommodations in San Jose to quaint Caribbean cabinas on isolated beaches.

Hotels are rated in decending order by their "star" rating, 1 through 5. This makes it easy to find everything from luxurious boutique hotels and resorts to modest hostels, and even surf / tent camps. You'll find it all here, in the 1 Costa Rica Link hotel section - your guide to lodging anywhere in the country.

For most travelers coming into the country, they will land at the airport near San Jose, and then make their way into the city for one or two nites before leaving for the beach hotels in Central Pacific Region, or go to the more laid back atmosphere of the cabinas and small hotels of the Caribbean / Atlantic Region. Finally, some vacationers may wait overnight and then fly or drive to the Southern Pacific Region, to the more isolated areas of Corcovado National Park and Drake Bay, where most hotels serve all meals, as there are no restaurants in the area...just lots of nature!

Still, other travelers may drive immediately to the Arenal Volcano / Monteverde Cloud Forest area hotels in the Northern Plains Region, where many accommodations are mountain cabins and lodges with wood buring stoves. Windsurfers will love Lake Arenal!

For those tourists wishing to vacation at the large resort hotels in the sunny area of Guanacaste and Papagayo in the Pacific Northwest Region, you will probably be landing at the international airport near Liberia and will not see San Jose at all. From the Liberia area, some resorts and hotels are as close as a half hour drive from the Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport. It is recommended that you use this airport for the hotels in the Guanacaste / Papagayo area, as it will save time, but airline rates are higher into that airport.

You will find most true "all inclusive" resorts and hotels in the sunnier Guanacaste, Papagayo and Central Pacific areas of Costa Rica. These accommodations, some having a luxurious 5 star rating, will serve all food and alcoholic beverages, have various activities - all included in the room rate, and are not available for just for lodging alone (without the other amenities). These resort hotels charge on a per person, per nite basis.

Some hotels quote their room rates with the government tax added in, and some do not. Currently, the government tax is 16.39% added onto your room rate. So, make sure, if you are comparing hotel rates, that you take this into consideration.