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The Northern Plains are comprised of the touristic areas including: Volcán and Lake Arenal, the city of Nuevo Arenal, Ciudad Quesada, La Fortuna, Monteverde, San Carlos, San Ramon and Caño Negro….there are also the towns of Tilarán and Cañas.

At the present time, the Arenal Volcano, would probably rank as one of the most sought after tourist attractions in Costa Rica, therefore the abundance of hotel rooms are located in and around the Volcano. The town of La Fortuna has many hotels, restaurants, tourist shops and tourist information depots. Almost anyone who enters the Volcano, Lake and surroundings, travels through the town of La Fortuna. People come looking for hotels, cabinas (cabins) to stay in, or tours to take that involve either hiking, water sports, horseback riding, canopy tours, aerial trams rides, because most of the best tours of these kinds, take place in the mountains or around a lake in this biological region of Costa Rica. It is all there, including some of the best steak dinners in the country. If you are not a meat eater, don't worry, there are lots of good restaurants, for every palate.

Even though the volcano is a tremendous tourist attraction, other areas of the Northern Plains are extremely strong tourist magnets. Monteverde, the cloud forest, located just adjacent to Arenal, is a very wonderful destination. Many bird-watchers are drawn to this spot, besides people who are attracted to the cool temperatures, incredible foliage and the incomprehensible number of birds and animals that are abundant in this region.

Some of the other towns that are gateways to the major tourist attractions are not lacking in hotels and bed and breakfast to stay in, or good places to dine. The cities of San Carlos and San Ramón are very popular for their pastoral beauty and have fine lodging and restaurants all their own. These towns are also becoming major players in the relocation boom that has begun in Costa Rica, so there are lots of hotels and B&B's that cater to longer term visitors.

Sub Areas of Northern Plains

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