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Unlike the other regions of Costa Rica, the Caribbean remains the most unsophisticated, unspoiled area of the country. Once you leave Limon City, going south, you travel along a beautiful coastline, at almost all times, being able to see the ocean. It is a pleasant drive, maybe an hour long, before you reach Cahuita, the first coastal town on the Caribbean that offers most tourism amenities. Once you have arrived in this small, charming village, you will find, great restaurants, little cabinas, with lots of Caribbean charm. Most of the hotels along this stretch of Costa Rica's rich coast do not have many luxurious qualities. However, this is not why you visit this part of the world. The colorful buildings, the "off the beaten track," appeal and the food, is why you come here.

Most of the towns beyond Cahuita, like Puerto Viejo, Uvita and Manzanillo are similar in appearance but, each has its own quality and differences. Puerto Viejo, a few miles south of Cahuita, offers some of the best restaurants in Costa Rica. It is a tiny village, but the amount of hotels and restaurants reminds us of how much this area has to offer. The colors, the art, the music and once again the food, have to be experienced to be explained. The remaining villages of Uvita and Manzanillo offer some of the best, most beautiful golden beaches in all of Costa Rica, along with charming, small hotels, bed and breakfast and rental house options.

You will be hard pressed to find air conditioning, but if the cabins are constructed properly a good electric fan on the ceiling will be just fine and keep you cool. Some hotels have a swimming pool, which adds a nice, cool touch to your vacation experience. It isn't necessary to have a pool in your hotel, because the ocean is ever present and available. Just like most of Costa Rica, the water is warm and inviting, just waiting for you to jump right in, and in the Caribbean, much of the time you are on the beach in privacy, just by yourself!

Sub Areas of Caribbean

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