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"Costa Rica is a magical land known for its beautiful scenery and appealing people. Geographically close to the US yet far different, its historic political stability and intriguing Spanish culture make it an important draw for all kinds of vacationers.

Don’t expect either the obvious poverty or indigenous customs of Mexico or Guatemala here. Costa Rica is a cosmopolitan country blessed with an exotic landscape and an uncommon landscape perfect for eco-tourism.

It is not as inexpensive as the rest of Central America, or even as cheap as it was before eco-tourists discovered its beauty.

We overheard a casual remark that Costa Rica is a “third-world country with first-world prices.” While in some ways that is true, your vacation dollars will still go a long way here, and even the higher-priced itineraries offer tremendous value.

In addition, thousands of expatriates and retirees have settled here for the climate, culture and lower cost of living, making Costa Rica a very North American-friendly destination.

But it is the host of natural wonders and ecological diversions that draws most visitors – and vacation adventure opportunities abound. Whitewater raft through pristine jungles. Bathe in natural hot water springs.

Slide through a canopy of trees on a high wire. Visit coffee plantations, where some of the finest coffee in the world is grown. Sunbathe on a beach of black volcanic or powdery white sand.

Watch a nighttime volcano put on a fireworks display of ruby-red hot lava. Hide on a darkened beach to watch giant sea turtles as they dig nests and lay their eggs.

Climb to the top of a high volcano and look down into its crater filled with a pea green lake. Visit one of the many butterfly farms. Swim, snorkel, hike, bike, camp, eat, sleep, read a book – do whatever you want.

Costa Rica offers a smorgasbord of pastimes for your pleasure. We’ve been many times and find more to do and see each time we visit."

4th. Edition (August 2002)

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