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When clouds from the onshore winds ...

River Parismina Lodge Costa Rica

Rivers The reflections of the moon on one thousand rivers are from the same moon: The mind must be full of light. ~ Hung Tzu-ch’eng

When clouds from the onshore winds reach the cooler elevations of the highlands, they release their moisture as rain – lots of rain. Numerous rivers, large and small, drain the water either east or west, back to the sea. From early times until today, many of these rivers have served as a means of transportation in the mountainous countryside and low-lying mangrove flatlands. Major transportation arteries of interest to visitors include the following:
  • Tortuguero and the Barra del Colorado canals in the northern Caribbean, Chirripó Caribe, Río Estrella and the Matina River in the central and southern Caribbean;
  • Río San Juan, which borders Nicaragua, and the Sixaola, on the Panama border;
  • Bebedero and Tárcoles in the north Pacific, the Río Frio and the Caño Negro lakes near Los Chiles in the north;
  • Sierpe and Río Grande de Térraba in the southern region;
  • Tempisque on the Gulf of Nicoya.

    And of course the ones that attract the most attention are the rafting rivers that have made Costa Rica famous in adventure travel. There are Class III-IV+ rapids on the these rivers: Sarapiqui, Parrita, Pascua (V), Peñas Blancas, Toro, Reventazón and, our all-time favorite, the Pacuare. The large Lake Arenal offers world-class wind surfing, and Río Corobici features an easy raft float.

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