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Learn the Language in Costa Rica !!

Never a ship sails out of the bay But carries my heart as a stowaway ~ Roselle Mercier Montgomery, writer, 1874-1933

Language Schools Below are listed some of the many schools currently offering courses in Costa Rica. Prices start as low as $300 per week, including home stays.

In San José

Forester Instituto Internacional, Los Yoses San José 506 / 225- 3155, fax 225-9236 Professional school in a trendy neighborhood that still houses several embassies.

Intensa, Los Yoses San José 506 / 225-5009, fax 253-4337 As the name suggests, it offers intense study as well as oneon-one classes. Optional full day.

Instituto de Español, Guadalupe, San José fax 506 / 283-4733 Ask for their 2-for-1 special.

Ilisa, San Pedro (in US, . 800/ILISA4U; in CR, 506 / 280-0700, fax 225-4665

Costa Rican-North American Cultural Center, Barrio Dent and also in Sabana Norte 506 / 207-5000, fax 224-1480.

Instituto Británico, Los Yoses 506 / 225-0256, fax 253-1894.

Costa Rican International Language Academy & Latin Dance School, Barrio California, San José 506 / 233-8938, fax 233-8670. What could be better than learning to speak with your dance partner? They offer cooking, too!

Centro Linguistico CONVERSA, San José (in US, 800 / 354-5036, in CR, 506 / 256-3069, fax 233-2418. Also a campus in Santa Ana in the foothills.

University of Costa Rica, San Pedro 506 / 207-5634, fax 207-5089. Eighty-hour course taught by the professional staff at the School of Philology and Literature. University ID, library privileges and cultural activities.

In Escazú

Language and International Relations Institute (ILERI), Escazú 506 / 289-4396, fax 228-1687. Lisa Tec B&B Language School near Cariari Golf Course, 506 / 239-2894, fax 293-2894. Not exactly in Escazú, but a tranquil language school and B&B.

In Heredia

Intercultura, Heredia, Av 4, Calle 10, 506 / 260-8480, fax 260-9243. Complete offerings including Latin dance, activities and volunteer opportunities. Once-a-month classes at Jacó beach.

Pura Vida Institute, Heredia 506 / 260-6269, fax 237-0387.

Instituto Profesional de Educación DAZA, Heredia, also in Liberia & Guanacaste 506 / 238-3608, fax 238-0621.

Rancho de Español, Alajuela 506 / 438-0017. Quiet and small.

Rural & Beach Spanish Language Schools

Centro Panamericano de Idiomas, 125 meters/411 feet east of cemetery in San Joaquín de Flores, outside of San José 506 / 265-6866, fax 265-6213. Homestays and volunteer programs. Also in Monteverde and Flamingo Beach.

Spanish Language and Enviromental Protection Center (SEPA), San Isidro del General 506/770-1457, fax 771-1903. It’s located in a non-tourist area, so it’s a real immersion experience.

Montaña Linda, Orosi 506 / 553-3640, fax 533-2153. School and hostel.

Escuela D’Amore, Manuel Antonio, Quepos 506 / 777-1143. The school of love? Hmm.

Horizontes de Montezuma Spanish Language School, Montezuma 506 / 642-0534.

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