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By: Wilford Augustus
Soluciones Idiomáticas

I once read the following: “A translation is like health: if it's good, you don't notice it. But if it's not (or if some reviewer thinks it is not), it becomes very important and can ruin a whole book, just as even a minor health problem can ruin your whole life.”

There are many people out there who claim to be translators and or interpreters and do a pretty good job at it, while there are many others that bring shame to the industry, and one wonders how they manage to survive on the market.

Furthermore, an erroneous concept we’ve come across in this line of business is the fact that many people believe that since they are bilingual they are qualified to translate, or at times even interpret.

This is a very misconstrued belief and even many company managers and directors perpetrate the grave mistake of giving their bilingual secretaries the job of translation.

This is due to many reasons of course, and one of these might be financial. However, when it comes to the more serious documents and business issues, that extra buck becomes priceless when ensuring that what is said is rightly perceived and understood by all. The very culture, tone, beat, and even intent, must be properly translated or interpreted; if one is thus avoid possible catastrophic consequences.

A translation should sound as if it had been written in the target language from the very beginning.

Many literally translated texts have carried even some of the world’s largest corporations to the possible loss of market share, folly and embarrassment.
• “Coca-Cola in China. The name on its bottles read ke-kou-ke-la, which meant "bite the wax tadpole." That got changed to ko-kou-ko-le, which means "happiness in the mouth."

• You may "come alive with the Pepsi Generation," but in Taiwan the slogan became "Pepsi Brings Your Ancestors Back from the Dead."

• Pepsi subsidiary Kentucky Fried Chicken may sell "finger-lickin' good" chicken, but the Chinese were told to "eat their fingers off."

Translation and Interpretation is no joke and for business purposes, top quality should not be sacrificed.

I am sure by now you must be wondering what the differences are between translation and interpretation. Well, it’s simple really.

Translation is when you sit down with your manifold dictionaries and glossaries and you translate a text from one language into another in written form.

On the other hand, Interpretation is a bit trickier. This is done wholly on a verbal level. You listen to what someone says and then you verbally convey the ideas, concepts, or message into the language of your audience. In the same breadth, there are different types of Interpreting.

We have Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation. Once more, as a means of clarification, consecutive is when you listen and repeat what the speaker is saying right after he or she has uttered a sentence and so on, and so forth. This happens a lot at conferences or seminars especially during the question and answer period.

However, many Interpreters aspire to be a bit more like Nicole Kidman in her movie The Interpreter, where she plays the part at a United Nations Interpreter. In her role she has a headset and a microphone, listens to the speaker, and fluently interprets simultaneously as the speaker speaks.

I for one prefer consecutive Interpreting. I find it much more interactive and rewarding, but then again, “to each his own”.

Some Characteristics of a good Translator or Interpreter:
Now this could be a bit controversial, nonetheless, after careful analysis, examination, and of course experience, I believe a good Translator or Interpreter must possess the following basic traits.


A good translator must:

1. Have a love and passion for languages they translate or interpret.

2. Be fluent, well read and well versed in the languages and cultures of the languages they translate or interpret and must stay abreast with the changing tides in the languages in which they work.

3. Have personality and charisma to interact with people and learn the new trends in the language

4. Have lived for and extensive period of time in a country where the languages they translate and or interpret are the first or native languages.

5. Realize that no one is an expert in all fields and that their job can always be improved upon, and that especially written translation is never perfect until revised by a third person.

6. Recognize that they will always translate or interpret at a much higher level when translating into their own native language.

7. Be highly educated academically in the languages they work in and possess above-average writing and oral skills as the case may be.

8. Have good business skills, including marketing, negotiating, pricing, and time management to be able to meet deadlines.


Why choose a Translation Firm as opposed to a Freelancer and pay more?

The number one reason most people choose freelance translators is because of price. They are obviously cheaper because they are not running a business. They are freelancing.

At the end of the day, most of these selfsame freelancers work for us and other translation companies. So why choose a Translation Firm and pay more?

GUARANTEE…as simple as that. Translation companies look after their reputation and can offer you guarantees that most freelancers are unable to offer on their own.

Most companies are willing to work on your document until you are overwhelmingly pleased. Many are willing to even reimburse you if you so wish.

Most importantly, they would have the resources to ensure top quality in your end document.

Translation firms have Native Speaking Translators for your target language; they possess large electronic databases, research capabilities, dictionaries, thesauruses, human consultants, electronic translators and several people to proofread your document before it is finished.

Seven Tips to choosing your translation firm:

1. Get references and ask about their quality and if they meet deadlines.

2. Compare prices and get a bottom-line quote to avoid subsequent hidden costs.

3. Be sure that they have Native Speaking Professional Translators of the Target Language and your translator lives in the destination market or has direct contact with it. On the contrary, you may find that the translation may not coincide with up-to-date market trends.

4. Make sure that your project manager and translator are able to be at your disposal when necessary and that your translator has a background in your industry sector.

5. Be sure your firm offers you confidentiality protection and that it takes steps to prevent disclosure of proprietary material.

6. Ask for a small test project, free of charge, and have somebody verify the work.

7. Make sure that your firm is technology savvy and makes the process as easy as possible and is willing to work with you until you are totally satisfied.

Translation Firm in San Jose, Costa Rica
Business Services Offered:

Spanish into English
English into Spanish

Area of Preference:
Legal and Commercial Texts
Standard Documents
Business Related Texts

Written Translations
Revisions and Proofreading
Document Creation
Interpretation Services
Quality Control and Guarantee
Here at Soluciones Idiomaticas we guarantee you that your translations will be top quality and to your liking, made possible due to a very strict selection system of our translators in conjunction with a very rigorous proofing and editing mechanism.

We recognize that no individual or business can become experts in all areas. Based on that, we have focussed our energies on becoming the best business text translators.

Insurmountable misunderstandings, potential loss of business, and the possible tarnishing of ones reputation are caused by poor translators who aren't duly qualified in a given area.

You need your document to be accurate and to convey the same meaning, tone and impact in the other language when translated.

Quality is the most important factor when working with a translation agency, thus we have elected to concentrate our efforts in the business realm.

We translate official documents, legal documents, contracts, trusts, business agreements, and just about anything related to investment and business. This is our area of preference.

Like any form of writing, translation depends on individual styles and may reflect a specific or particular company culture. This is why we work closely with you to ensure that the end product is exactly what you desire.

We commit to guaranteeing only the finest quality levels, and more importantly, we are totally committed to improving what we’ve already done for you one hundred percent of the time until you are totally satisfied.

We work with your deadlines and fulfil them one hundred percent of the time.

Getting the document to us
The process is simple. You can get a free quote right from our website. After receiving your quote, all you need to do is fill out the simple form on our site and send your document to us. Within 24 hours one of our representatives will be in touch with you.

Translation process

1. After we receive your document, we verify the target language. If the target language is English, then a native English Speaker is assigned to translate your document, and if the target language is Spanish a native Spanish speaker is assigned to translate your document, hence guaranteeing that the language of the translated text is authentic English or authentic Spanish.

2. Glossaries are built to keep agreed company and industry terminology and culture consistent throughout the text and subsequent documents.

3. When the translation is completed, before sending it to you it is revised twice by other translators:

Revision 1:-Proofreading for style and concept accuracy

Revision 2:-Proofreading for grammar and punctuation
We look forward to serving you and partnering with you to fulfil your goals.

Soluciones Idiomáticas
San José, Costa Rica

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