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Courses to Teach English as a Foreign Language

By: Wilford Augustus
Soluciones Idiomáticas
San José, Costa Rica

TEFL, sometimes referred to as TESOL, means Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

The former term is more popular in the UK, whilst the latter is in the US; however, at the end of the day they are pretty much one and the same.

I must emphasize that anyone who is seriously considering teaching English as a second or foreign language should hold a TEFL certificate.

Currently, and especially due to globalization, there is an ever growing demand around the world for EFL (English as a Foreign Language Teacher) teachers; and a TEFL certificate is the number one qualification required to teach English abroad, after of course, that of being a native English speaker.

A TEFL certificate will enable you to work and travel around the world, gain work experience, learn about new cultures, and or embark on a lifetime EFL teaching career.

Most TEFL course providers will accept adults only, with a minimum of a high school diploma, but preferably with at least some university studies. Note that most employers will accept only university grads in any area that have successfully completed a TEFL course.

Courses are held all around the world in some of the most exotic locations, and by traveling to theses locations to receive your course; you will automatically be able to apply to the many language schools at your location to teach after completion. Most good TEFL courses will offer some sort of job placement assistance, though not compulsory.

Some of the more exiting locations to undergo your courses and get a true overseas experience are Costa Rica, Thailand, and Spain.

After successfully completing your course (or even before), it is recommendable that you research and contact as many schools as possible before leaving to your new potential destination. It is also imperative that you have sufficient funds to cover your airfare and to survive at least for a month or two before you start making any money.

Here at Soluciones Idiomaticas (Language Solutions), in sunny, beautiful, peaceful Costa Rica, we offer you world class TEFL training, and since we are a full fledged language school, we are also able to offer employment to the more outstanding, successful TEFL graduates; along with job placement assistance with other language schools that we are affiliated to.

Our TEFL program is run in conjunction with i-to-i, a reputable London based TEFL training organization with experience spanning more than twelve years. They have trained over 15,000 people to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and assisted them in finding jobs as far a field as Cambodia, China, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Nepal, Poland and Spain.

The opportunity to work, travel, and gain lifelong experiences is awaiting you. Contact us now.

Soluciones Idiomáticas
San José, Costa Rica

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